‘Dutch royals, stop hunting’

This video is called Marianne Thieme on Ethical Politics.

Translated from daily De Volkskrant in the Netherlands:

“Willem-Alexander must stop hunting

03.31.13, 11:43

According to Marianne Thieme, the new King Willem-Alexander

of the Netherlands, to be inaugurated on 30 April

should dump his hunting shotgun. “He should not prioritize his personal hobbies,” said the leader of the Party for the Animals in the Eva Jinek TV show on Sunday.

The beloved hobby of Willem-Alexander is fundamentally at odds with what the majority of Dutch people think, emphasizes Thieme. “The majority of the Dutch think that hunting really does not fit into this century,” she says. …

Thieme insists to Jinek that the king is supposed to lead by example. “This includes that you take into account what is acceptable here in the Netherlands.”

THE Dutch equivalent of the RSPCA has dismissed Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands as its patron because she allows boar hunting on the royal estates: here.

Spanish animal rights advocates are targeting the centuries-old ritual of pigsticking, in which hunters on horseback kill wild boar with spears: here.

20 thoughts on “‘Dutch royals, stop hunting’

  1. I think pressure should be put on all these spoiled Royal heirs that if they are to succeed they should stop killing – pheasants or deer in England, elephants in Africa – boar – wolves, bears, whatever…..
    Animal rights groups should start a pressure group!!!!


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