Dutch national bird election, 28 candidates’ videos

This is a video about kingfishers in the Netherlands.

As this blog mentioned before, there is an election of the national bird of the Netherlands on the Internet.

There was already unofficial voting for five candidate bird species.

Today, the official long list of 28 species has been published. You vote for three species out of 28 there. These votes will be used for a making a shortlist, on which people will vote again later this year.

Two species which had been on the above mentioned unofficial list are not on this official long list: brent goose and marsh harrier.

This video is about jackdaws (and a peacock) in England. The jackdaw is one of the 28 Dutch candidates; as is the kingfisher; the peacock is not.

Then, another candidate: the spoonbill.

This is an Eurasian spoonbill video.

And now, videos about the other candidates.

This is a black-tailed godwit video.

This is a video of a great cormorant, drying its wings in the sun on Texel island in the Netherlands.

This is a grey heron video.

This is a barn swallow video.

This is a buzzard video.

This is a great crested grebe video, about their courtship dance.

This is a jay video.

This video is called Juvenile common swift practising flight in nest box.

This is a great spotted woodpecker video.

This is a house sparrow video.

This is a northern lapwing video.

This video says about itself:

Mute Swan Protecting its Nest – Helped by A Canada Goose

A mute swan did not like another swan getting too close its nest, meanwhile a family of Canada geese were trying to get past.

The mute swan is one of the 28 candidate species. The Canada goose is not.

However, the greater white-fronted goose is a candidate.

This video is called Bird migration in The Netherlands – Greater White-fronted Goose.

This is a great tit video.

This is a blackbird video.

This is a white stork video.

This is a robin video.

This is an oystercatcher video.

This video is about a singing starling.

This is a little owl video.

This video is about a kestrel nest.

This is a common tern video.

This video shows a mallard with ducklings.

This video shows young white-tailed eagles in slow motion. It also shows magpies; but magpies are not one of the 28 candidate species.

And, finally, this video is about herring gulls, and about great black-backed gulls. Herring gulls are candidates; great black-backed gulls are not.

Birds can be elegant, regal symbols, and there are many national birds that are stunning symbols for their respective nations: here.

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