Wildlife and weather in India, film

This video from India says about itself:

Wildlife Documentary – When The Peacocks Sing: A Prequel to the Monsoons | Pocket Films

18 October 2014

This beautifully shot documentary captures the magical transformation of the dry state of Rajasthan into a lush, beautiful region when the monsoon sets in.

The organisers of the Wildlife Film Festival in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, write about this film:

In the semi-arid state of Rajasthan in North West India, the receding summer gives way to the pre-monsoons (a brief period with intermittent rains) making it one of the best spectacles of transformation. Set amidst dry landscapes and ancient monuments, the film showcases how the heat affects the inhabitants of the region – both human and wild animals, and behaviour patterns of each species in this period of scarcity.

Then the Monsoons finally descend, transforming everything around it – playing their part in the cyclic rotation of seasons that has been going on since time immemorial.

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