Donald Trump’s sons butcher African elephants (?)

This 18 February 2012 video from the USA is called The Trump family kill an elephant, leopard and many more animals in sick African killing vacation.

From Wildlife Extra:

Proud of killing an elephant for fun? Donald Trump Junior appears to be

March 2011. Donald Trump’s boys have returned from a hunting safari in Zimbabwe. The Trump boys photos have appeared on the Hunting Legends website posing next to some of the animals that they have shot. The photos make my stomach turn, but one outrages me in particular.

Donald Trump Jr. - Elephant hunter

One photo shows Donald Trump Junior holding the tail of an elephant and a large knife. He is standing next to the carcass of an elephant that has a rifle leaning against it. We don’t know whether he shot the elephant or not, or whether he cut the tail off himself, but that is clearly the impression the photo is meant to give.

Now whilst it is bad enough shooting an elephant for pleasure, posing with the tail of such a magnificent beast that you have just cut off with a large knife is a gross and unpardonable action. It may not be illegal, but it shows a total disregard for any wildlife, and unbelievably poor judgement from someone who is meant to be a business leader.

Donald Trump campaigns against wind farms

Despite Donald Trump’s recent pronouncements on the world going bust and putting his plans to develop his golf resort on hold, he claims to have found £10million to fund anti-wind power campaigns to save Scotland from being ‘encircled’ by offshore wind turbines. Trump is hell-bent on destroying an industry that is already attracting £billions of investment and creating skilled and well paid jobs across Scotland. And all because he claims they might spoil his view.

[In the video] the Trump boys, Donald Junior and Eric, pose with a crocodile that has recently been shot.

Trophy-hunting Trump sons accused of animal cruelty: here.

March 2012. At least 50% of the elephant population of Cameroon’s Bouba Ndjida National Park is dead – killed in a bloody poaching spree by horseback bandits. The poachers’ deadly mission has continued virtually unhindered for eight weeks thanks to the tardy response of government and wildlife authorities: here.

Twelve suspected poachers have been arrested and 14 elephant tusks confiscated outside protected areas in southeast Cameroon this week. Forest rangers carried out the arrests and seizures near Boumba-Bek and Nki National Parks after receiving intelligence information from village monitoring groups formed by WWF: here.

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