Gambian crocodile photo

Duckweed-covered crocodile, the Gambia, February 2012

On 13 February 2012 in the Gambia.

Kachikally crocodile pool.

Its waters house over eighty crocodiles, with healing capabilities according to local tradition. They attract many visitors, for healing and for tourism.

Many of them are so tame that they allow people to pet them. Some of the crocodiles, however, especially females with babies, may be aggressive and dangerous.

They belong to the species Nile crocodile. Recent research seems to point out that Nile crocodiles are really two species: one more aggressive, one less aggressive. If so, the Kachikally crocodiles may belong to the less aggressive species.

Many of the crocodiles have green backs, as there is much duckweed in the pond.

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    • Hi xandi, thanks for your kind comment!

      I intend to do a blog post on music on Gambia as well, but I will have to see whether I can put a video about that in WordPress.


      • you copy the link… I’d be so glad, if you could also tell me Gambian music, and we’ll post it. On our blog, we’ve a page called Music-Suggestion where you can send me songs. Please do 😉


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