Bald eagle doesn’t like Donald Trump, video

This video from the USA says about itself:

Eagle Named Uncle Sam Attacked Donald Trump (RAW VIDEO)

9 December 2015

During Time‘s Person of the Year search, the magazine invited Donald Trump for a shoot with a patriotic theme. Trump’s co-star, Uncle Sam the [bald] eagle, did not approve of the experience. Now, bald eagles can be gentle creatures, which is what the internet recently observed when two Canadian brothers rescued one (and brought the universal selfie to its ultimate crescendo). Uncle Sam wasn’t feeling gentle during this shoot, though. At one point, Sam swooped at Trump’s head, and Time saw fit to release this gif as proof.

As far as I know, this bald eagle is neither Mexican nor Muslim. Maybe it knew about Republican presidential candidate Trump and his family‘s views on the environment and animals. See Trump Defends His Sons’ Sick Hobby Of Killing Innocent Animals.

In 2011, Donald Trump‘s sons Eric and Donald Jr. went to Africa to kill wild animals. Their tour company, Hunting Legends, posted images of the pair smiling with their trophies: a leopard, bull, waterbuck, crocodile and even one holding a sawed off elephant‘s tail next to the animal’s body: here.

Donald Trump is even more of a monster than you think: Why his golf courses are environmental disasters. Filmmaker Anthony Baxter on how elitist billionaires are destroying the environment in the name of golf: here.

American Muslims trump hate with love, raising $173k for San Bernardino victims in 6 days: here.

‘Ban Donald Trump’ petition [in Britain] passes half a million as Republican hopeful calls for death penalty for all cop killers: here.

The New York Times, fascism and Donald Trump: here.

Bald Eagles Make Big Comeback in Boston. And that’s great news for the birds and the city: here.

30 thoughts on “Bald eagle doesn’t like Donald Trump, video

  1. The sons of Trumps hate him the Father but owing to the consequence of being punished for killing the Father and the being frightened of this inner desire to kill him? torment the innocent as the innocent remind them of what they are? their lost innocence by a overpowering monster.


  2. I’ve always been interested in media and have always been concerned that corporate media doesn’t really educate people in this country. They refuse to talk about the serious issues facing our country.

    That’s why I wasn’t surprised yesterday when I saw this headline: “Report: ABC World News Tonight Has Devoted 81 Minutes To Trump, One Minute To Sanders.”

    It’s no shock to me that big networks, which are controlled by a handful of large corporations, have barely discussed our campaign and the important issues we are bringing up. They’re just too busy covering the joke candidate that is Donald Trump.

    We can’t allow the corporate media to set the agenda. We have got to get the real issues out there. And that’s why I’m asking you to join me in a major petition to the big networks.

    Add your name to our petition to tell ABC, NBC and CBS to cover our campaign — and more importantly to cover the issues we are bringing up.

    This is what the corporate media is all about: more Americans support our campaign than Trump’s according to recent polls, but still ABC’s news program has spent 81 minutes on Trump and only 20 seconds talking about us. NBC Nightly News only spent 2.9 minutes covering our campaign. CBS? They spent six minutes.

    The point is: our political revolution certainly will not be televised. It’s more important than ever for us to hold the large corporations that control the media accountable.

    Please sign our petition to tell the big networks to put aside their corporate interests and allow for a free and fair debate in this presidential campaign.

    I know we can win this fight if we all work to get the message out there.

    In solidarity,

    Bernie Sanders


  3. And speaking of perspective, or the glaring lack of it, we come to billionaire buffoon and blowhard Donald Trump.

    The presidential candidate of choice for the hard of thinking this week stirred things up again by claiming that Muslims shouldn’t be allowed into the US.

    So much for “bring us your tired and huddled masses.”

    Quite why everyone was so surprised by his latest cretinously racist comment I don’t know. Let’s face it he has form.

    A few weeks ago he said with no sense of irony whatsoever that: “My family didn’t come to America to make their fortune just to have immigrants take their jobs.”

    Enough said.

    The be-syruped bigot attempted to justify his comments by saying that in cosmopolitan cities such as London, whole areas had become “no-go areas” where the police feared to tread due to the large proportion of Muslims and immigrants living there.

    In one sense Trump has a point even though he’s got it arse about face as usual. There are very definitely “no-go areas” in our metropolis — the main one being central London where house prices and rents are so astronomical that you have to be, well, a billionaire to afford them.

    The latest figures show that you need to be earning £120,000 a year to afford to rent a half decent place of your own in the capital and retain a reasonable standard of life.

    Meanwhile a cupboard under the stairs was recently advertised for £500 a month.

    The whole sodding city is one great no-go area for the vast majority of us.

    It’s not immigrants that are the problem, its bankers and hipsters who move into an area like a plague of locusts, drive up the house prices and force the working poor out.

    Give me Tottenham or Brixton over Shoreditch or Hampstead any day — you meet a better class of people.,-desperation-and-delusion#.VmyUQr9tdSE


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  29. The sons of Trumps hate him the Father but owing to the consequence of being punished for killing the Father and the being frightened of this inner desire to kill him? torment the innocent as the innocent remind them of what they are? their lost innocence by a overpowering monster.


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