11 thoughts on “Hunting Gulf despots threaten Tanzania’s Maasai

  1. So glad you’ve been able to publicise Avaaz’s petition. The idea of heartless rich outsiders destroying the lives of people and animals and thereby ruining the increasingly threatened environment for their pleasure is really upsetting… power, but no responsibility…


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  7. Stopping the Mass Maasai Evictions

    1.7 million Avaazers back the Massai’s right to live in their ancestral lands1.7 million Avaazers back the Massai’s right to live in their ancestral lands

    The Tanzanian government wanted to kick thousands of families off their lands, reportedly so wealthy tourists could shoot lions and leopards! But 1.7 million of us joined them to say “no”, alerting CNN and Al Jazeera to cover the story, then running hard-hitting adverts calling out the government in local papers — and encouraging aid donors to ask questions. President Kikwete wanted there to be nothing but silence, but the Maasai have continued to persevere. Finally, when the Maasai descended on the Parliament demanding their right to live in their ancestral lands, the Prime Minister signed a letter pledging to seek a permanent solution to this conflict with community participation. We’ve so far succeeded in stalling the evictions, but we’ll continue to fight until the President calls it off for good.


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