Anti Afghanistan war song

This is a music video of North West Frontier, by Robb Johnson from Britain.

From the Stop the War Coalition in Britain:

Acclaimed songwriter Robb Johnson has written this song in support of the campaign to get the troops out of Afghanistan. He will be performing at the rally on Stop the War’s Bring the Troops Home demonstration on Saturday 24 October. See

Anti-war Song of the Week

North West Frontier by Robb Johnson

North West Frontier Lyrics

Danny came from West Ham, & he’d been a dad 8 months
Joey came from Birmingham, & he was just 18
Billy came from Bromyard & his Captain told the press he was a “a key part of a closely-knit platoon”
The Corporal came from Kings Lynn he was “the perfect soldier”
The Rifleman from Yorkshire “saw the lighter side of life”
The private from the Welsh Guards had ” a tremendous sense of humour”
The Rifleman from Maidenhead, was “1st in everything”

We’re here because we’re here
Because we’re here
On the North West Frontier

Don’t ask who armed the Taliban, don’t ask the reason why
Don’t ask about the oil pipeline, & we‘ll tell you no lies
Don’t ask about the mess we left along the Basra road
Or the military cemeteries of 100 years ago
Don’t ask about the 50 bodies buried in one grave
The papers show no photographs, the papers print no names
They couldn’t sort the limbs out, so they buried them as one
You wonder why they hate you, well here’s 50 reasons more

And we’ll all be home by Christmas in a land that’s fit for heroes
We’ll all have beer & medals, we’ll all get jobs for life
Next time you see your colonel, you can sell him a Big Issue
& he’ll take you home for Christmas & he’ll let you shag his wife
Tommy came from West Ham, or maybe it was Glasgow
Or maybe it was Birmingham, but he was just 18
Tommy came from Bromyard, or maybe some where else
But it’s somewhere else he’ll never see again

And we’re here because we’re here

Tommy come from West Ham…
Jimmy come from Birmingham…
What business did they have being here?
What business did they have dying here?
What business do we have being here
On the Northwest Frontier?


USA: The best protest songs of the decade: here.

15 thoughts on “Anti Afghanistan war song

  1. Afghanistan Awareness Month
    U.S. Marine reflects on his return to Afghanistan as a civilian

    As a U.S. Marine Corps Infantryman, Corporal Rick Reyes deployed to Afghanistan in 2001 to destroy Al-Qaeda’s bases of operations there. On a recent trip organized by the Institute for Public Accuracy, he went back as a civilian and met with locals and NGOs to understand better what is presently happening in the country.

    “Our current foreign policy is the problem, and our troops will be targeted regardless of the task they are intending to achieve, even if that task consists of peace or rebuilding…we need to look at this war differently and not from a viewpoint clouded by fear of ‘terrorists.’ America is suffering from an acute case of PTSD and it’s time we cure ourselves and begin to have some solidarity with the people of Afghanistan.” Click here to read his full statement.
    Hear the views of Afghan women during National RAWA Tour

    This tour is being called, “Afghan Women Resist Occupation and Fundamentalism,” and features a representative from the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) as well as Malalai Joya, outspoken exiled Afghan Parliament Member. RAWA has been around since the 1970s and has largely functioned as an underground social and political organization resisting domestic fundamentalism and foreign occupation by, among other things, providing education to girls.

    Come hear the perspective of Afghan women who the U.S. claims to want to help, but whose voices are mostly left out of the discussion of what’s best for Afghanistan. The tour will be stopping in California, Rhode Island, New York, Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, and Washington state. It ends on November 12. Find a tour stop near you here: Afghan Women’s National Tour calendar. IVAW members who are Afghan vets will appear alongside the Afghan speakers at tour stops in California and New York City.
    IVAW Office Moves from Philadelphia to New York City
    Under the leadership of new Executive Director, Jose Vasquez, IVAW has relocated to New York City. Here is our new contact info:

    IVAW National Office
    630 9th Avenue, Suite 807
    New York, NY 10036
    Tel: 646.723.0989
    Fax: 646.723.0996

    More than ever before, IVAW is relying on the financial support of individuals like you to keep our doors open. Make a donation today.

    Thank you,

    Iraq Veterans Against the War


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