US veterans against escalation in Afghanistan


From Iraq Veterans Against the War in the USA:

IVAW protests sending more troops to Afghanistan

SEATTLE – A protest was held the midst of the hustle and bustle of Seattle‘s Westlake Center on Saturday.

The group Iraq Veterans Against the War is against sending more troops to Afghanistan. The demonstration was meant to show what they say really happens during a military occupation.

“We’re trying to let people understand what the people of Iraq and Afghanistan face every day,” said Joshua Simpson.

This 4 December 2009 video shows hundreds rallying at West Point to call for an end of the Afghan war.

The chief of NATO has announced that the Western military alliance will send 5,000 more troops into Afghanistan, declaring that “this is not just America’s war”: here.

3 thoughts on “US veterans against escalation in Afghanistan


    David Sirota
    Newspaper columnist, radio host (AM760), bestselling author
    Posted: December 1, 2009 08:51 PM
    Some Simple Questions After Obama’s Afghanistan War Speech

    “Where’s the antiwar movement and the marches and the organizing and the protesting? Where are all those well-funded groups that protested George W. Bush’s war policy? Or was all that really just about hating George Bush and embracing blind Partisan War Syndrome?”

    Just a few quick questions to ponder after President Obama’s speech announcing a massive escalation in Afghanistan:

    – What percentage of those kids in the audience will die because of this decision?

    – Why do so many pundits and pro-Obama activists continue to focus on how “hard” and “difficult” and “trying” this decision is for President Obama, rather than on how “hard” and “difficult” and “trying” this will be for the soldiers who are killed? Doesn’t Obama get to make this decision, and then go home to the comfortable confines of a butlered White House, while thousands of Americans will be sent 7,000 miles from home to face their potential deaths? Isn’t the latter “harder” than the former?

    – Where’s the antiwar movement and the marches and the organizing and the protesting? Where are all those well-funded groups that protested George W. Bush’s war policy? Or was all that really just about hating George Bush and embracing blind Partisan War Syndrome?

    – In the days and weeks after this speech, will the White House’s cynical new spin get ever more desperate and become, hey – at least an Afghanistan escalation holds out the possibility of making sure military combat casualties start outpacing military suicides?

    – Simple budget question: Should we now believe that escalating the Afghanistan War at the same annual cost of universal health care will save more than 45,000 Americans a year (i.e. the number of Americans who die every year for lack of health insurance)?

    – Did CNN really turn a move to potentially send thousands of Americans to die in Central Asia into an over-stylized, hyper-marketed television show called “Decision Afghanistan?” Is the media really that soulless, or did my eyes betray me?

    – Which is worse – a stupid person like George W. Bush starting a dumb occupation, or a smart person like Barack Obama following the lead of that stupid person, but actually escalating that occupation?

    – The “we’re going to escalate war to end war” refrain throughout the speech – have we heard that before somewhere? It sounds sorta like “we’ll burn down the Vietnam villages to save them.” Just curious if that’s what we’re talking about here – because, ya know, that worked out really well.

    – Are we really expected to believe that massively escalating a war is the way to end a war? I mean, really? Like, is the public really looked at like we’re that stupid? And a follow-up question: Are we really that stupid?

    – If Obama’s Afghan War strategy about escalating a war to end a war was a self-help strategy for, say, alcoholics, wouldn’t it prescribe drinking more whiskey to stop drinking – and wouldn’t we all laugh at that?

    – How many pundits will insist that bowing down to the Military-Industrial complex and escalating this missionless war somehow shows “resolve” and “strength” and “toughness” and “leadership” and not embarrassing weakness?

    – Would the Obamaphiles now telling us to “give President Obama a chance” with this decision and/or defending Obama’s escalation – would these same people be saying we should “give President McCain a chance” and/or defending President McCain’s escalation if he was the one in office making this decision?

    – I’m confused: Is this hope or change?


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