British corporation sacks workers, bankrolls Conservatives

This is a music video from Britain; Newton Neurotics “Kick Out the Tories “.

From the Uttoxeter Advertiser in England:



DIGGER giant JCB and its chairman have been attacked for ʻshowing incredible disrespectʼ for its workers after it was revealed it made a six-figure donation to the Tory party before announcing hundreds of redundancies.

The Rocester-based firm made a donation of £130,000 to the Conservative Party in September, the 13th largest of all donations given to political parties in the third quarter of 2009.

This was also more than six-times the £20,000 the company donated in the second quarter of the year. In total JCB has donated £200,000 to the Conservative Party so far this year.

JCB Chairman Sir Anthony Bamford also donated £50,000 personally to the Tories during the third quarter. He has donated a total of £71,250 of his personal fortune to the Tories so far this year.

The figures have been published by the Electoral Commission less than a week after the digger firm announced it was seeking to cut 196 workers from numerous factories, including its Rocester headquarters.

A 90-day consultation is now under way at the company with the reason for the job losses being given by the firm as a response to the fact ‘an upturn in demand for our products has yet to materialise’.

Trade unionists and workplace death campaigners have attacked David Cameron for “playing politics with the safety of workers” after he proposed tearing up health and safety legislation: here.

Tory leader David Cameron faced major embarrassment on Wednesday when high-profile members of his party appeared to issue a direct challenge to his much-vaunted green policies: here.

David Cameron has faced demands that he apologise for a sanctions-busting trip he made to apartheid South Africa in 1989: here.

[Conservative] David Davis: right on torture, wrong on climate change: here.

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