NATO a ‘decomposing corpse’, Canadian general says

This video from Canada says about itself:

Panel 3 – Evidence of Torture in Canada & Armed Conflicts: Afghan Detainees Case et al. (9 Jan 2013).

From the Star in Canada:

NATO ‘rotting,’ general says

Published On Tue Oct 20 2009

OTTAWA–The NATO military alliance is a decomposing corpse that should be disbanded if it cannot find a winning strategy for the Afghan war, says former chief of defence staff Gen. Rick Hillier.

In his new autobiography, obtained by the Star, Hillier opines that unless somebody breathes air through NATO‘s “rotten lips into those putrescent lungs” the alliance will be done.

He’s not optimistic that can happen, based on how the group of 28 Western armies have banded together in Afghanistan.

See also here.

In an action that was as predictable—and as degrading—as a serf prostrating himself before his master, the president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, bowed to relentless pressure from the Obama administration and agreed Tuesday to a runoff election: here.

The flood of heroin pouring out of occupied Afghanistan is killing tens of thousands in NATO member states and contributing to the spread of Aids, the UN warned on Wednesday: here.

2 thoughts on “NATO a ‘decomposing corpse’, Canadian general says

  1. Malalai Joya: The Afghan people are `squashed between two powerful

    Film by Nomad Collective
    October 18, 2009 — Malalai Joya: “Now, my people are squashed between
    two powerful enemies. From the sky, the occupation forces are dropping
    bombs, even using cluster bombs and white phosphorus and killing
    innocent civilians in the name of combatting the Taliban. On the ground,
    the Taliban and also the Northern Alliance fundamentalists continue
    their fascism against men and women of my country.

    * Read more


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