Canadian Afghan torture cover-up scandal continues

These two videos from Canada say about themselves:

Richard Colvin‘s opening statement before the Special House Committee on the Mission in Afghanistan, November 18 2009.

Richard Colvin Torture Testimony the Full Transcript: here.

Canada: There was so much concern about the manner in which diplomat Richard Colvin was reporting within government on Afghan detainee abuse and other matters that an official in Canada’s military headquarters suggested he be fired if not reined in during the spring of 2007: here.

USA: In only looking forward on torture, not back, the Obama administration is reneging on its obligations under the Convention Against Torture, which demands both that torturers be held accountable and that victims receive remedies: here.

Council of Europe Commissioner Hammarberg calls for the British government to honour their promise of a torture inquiry: here.

The Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) and its Fifth Estate investigative program have provided further proof that Canada’s security agencies and government connived in the illegal detention and torture of Canadians in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks: here.

24 thoughts on “Canadian Afghan torture cover-up scandal continues

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