Canada will stop bombing Syria and Iraq

This video says about itself:

21 April 2013

This video shows Syrians, Lebanese, Canadians, and others in the Canadian capital of Ottawa demonstrating and asking the [then Stephen Harper] Canadian government to stop supporting al-Qaeda in Syria.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Canada will stop airstrikes on ISIS in two weeks’ time

Today, 18:47

Canada will not participate in the air strikes on targets of IS in Syria and Iraq from February 22 on . In this way, Prime Minister Trudeau keeps his election promise of last year.

Since April 2015, when the country was still ruled by the Conservative Harper government, six Canadian warplanes have been participating in the bombing raids of the international coalition against ISIS.

The Canadian decision is opposed by the US government and the rest of the coalition.

Training mission

Two Canadian reconnaissance aircraft and a tanker aircraft will remain stationed in the area. Furthermore Trudeau will send another 130 troops to northern Iraq to train Kurdish militias. There are already 70 Canadian trainers in that region.

According to the Liberal prime minister, the region is more helped by strengthening its own military force then by military intervention from outside. He said this was the lesson that Canada had drawn after being active for ten years in Afghanistan.

The people who are terrorized by ISIS are not served by our revenge but by our support,” Trudeau declared to the Canadian press. The mission in Afghanistan has cost the lives of 158 Canadian soldiers.

Many media outlets have responded to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plan to expand Canada’s role in the US-led Mideast war with scathing criticism, taking the three-month-old Liberal government to task for the supposed inadequacy of Canada’s military engagement in the region and internationally: here.

Two attacks on a US firebase in northern Iraq, which killed one US Marine and wounded several more, have led to revelations about a substantial escalation of the US military intervention in the war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS): here.

6 thoughts on “Canada will stop bombing Syria and Iraq

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  3. From the USA:

    Dear Fellow Progressive,

    It’s been one year since President Obama requested that my colleagues in Congress and I consider a new authorization for the use of military force. Our nation has lost so much to endless war and I do not believe in writing a new blank check to continue down that path. It’s time for a new way forward.

    Diplomacy should always be our first option and every action in response to threat should come with robust discussions in Congress. We’ve seen right-wing leadership threatening to carpet bomb adversaries and invade foreign nations, ignoring the fact that there are real people who fill those boots on the ground and real long-term consequences to those threats. Our country needs strong progressive leadership to counteract this rhetoric. We should be ripping up our earlier blank check for war, not writing a new one.

    In the year since President Obama’s request for a new AUMF, our nation’s military actions have continued to escalate. Yet Congress has neglected our duty to consider the costs and consequences of these actions. We should be having serious debate about America’s role in these conflicts and what the future of our involvement should look like. We must have a long-overdue discussion about our military actions. It is our responsibility and we owe this much to the Americans who elected us to serve.

    Today I sent a letter to Speaker Ryan, signed by 24 of my fellow representatives, calling for debate and a vote. We need your support. Our petition already has over 200,000 signatures from Americans who want to stop endless war. Will you help us get to 250,000?

    Demand debate: add your name now!

    Thanks for joining me,

    Barbara Lee
    Member of Congress


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