Canadian torture scandal in Afghanistan continues

This video is about the Canadian government under attack in parliament over Afghan abuse allegations.

From its Youtube text:

2007-03-21 to 2007-05-07 Opposition parties attack the government over allegations of prisoner abuse by Afghan authorities as reported in the Globe & Mail on April 23.

They accuse the government of violating the Geneva Conventions by knowingly handing detainees over to Afghans for torture, and demand the resignation of Defense Minister Gordon O’Connor.

The Opposition also cites an internal government report released by the Department of Foreign Affairs under access to information, claiming the members of the cabinet illegally influenced the civil service first to deny the existence of the report, and then to black out portions of the report as part of a “massive systematic cover-up”.

The Opposition further claims that the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission and the Red Cross do not have access to detainees as specified under the 2005 Afghan Detainee Agreement, and they accuse the government of lying to Canadians.

From The Star in Canada:

More Afghan prison abuse claims surface

Canadian officials hear complaints firsthand from detainees during jail visit, MacKay says

Jun 07, 2007 04:30 AM

OTTAWA–The controversy over detainees in Afghanistan has flared again following the revelation that two more prisoners captured by Canadian soldiers say they’ve been abused in the custody of Afghan authorities.

“There are serious allegations,” Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay said yesterday.

Canadian officials heard the complaints firsthand during a visit to an Afghan detention centre, a visit made possible by recent changes to the prisoner transfer agreement that gives them access to prisons.

These two new cases are on the top of the two previous reports of abuse that Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day revealed in April.

One complaint was made in Kandahar and three in Kabul, MacKay said.

See also here.

Update September 2007: here.

Update December 2007: Detainees list torture, abuse by Afghan officials, filing says: here.

13 thoughts on “Canadian torture scandal in Afghanistan continues

  1. New case of potential abuse involving Afghan prisoner uncovered: Bernier
    at 15:46 on November 14, 2007, EST.

    OTTAWA – Another Canadian-captured Taliban fighter may have been abused at the hands of Afghan authorities.

    Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier made the revelation in the House of Commons answering a question from a Conservative member, saying the prisoner was being held in “conditions that concerned” Canadian officials.

    If verified, it brings to seven the number of complaints Canadian authorities have received since Ottawa signed a revised prisoner transfer agreement with the government of Afghan president Hamid Karzai.

    The new arrangement allows Canada the right to check on the prisoners it has captured – something it wasn’t able to do up until last spring.


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