In George W. Bush’s ‘ new’ Afghanistan, girl jailed for having been raped

This video is called A 8-year-old Afghan girl was raped and murdered in Takhar.

From the Toronto Star in Canada:

Women’s ward sorority of woe

May 05, 2007 04:30 AM
Rosie DiManno

KANDAHAR–Sharbana has delicate features only now blossoming into adolescence, her face still lingering in girlhood as her body nudges toward a gentle ripening.

She is 13 years old.

Was all of 11 when she first crossed the threshold of Sarposa Prison, the central detention centre in Kandahar province.

There are 19 inmates in the female wing of Sarposa and 22 children – from a newborn to preteens – their only “crime” an umbilical attachment to incarcerated mothers, nurturing-by-felon.

This, for many of these youngsters, is the only life they remember, behind thick, high walls topped with razor wire.

Sharbana is youngest among the convicted and this is what she remembers:

A father, now deceased, who negotiated her into marriage two years ago.

A repugnant groom of decrepit age, an old goat as she calls him.

Her obstinate refusal to wed that man. Abduction by his family. Rape and beatings.



And conviction in a local sharia court for failing to honour the marriage agreement arranged by her father.

“We weren’t married yet and he raped me,” Sharbana says softly, after grabbing on to the hem of a visitor’s cloak, beckoning, scurrying into a corner of the prison yard because she’s ashamed to speak in front of the other women.

“He told the judge, `She’s my wife and she ran away from home.’ But I wasn’t his wife and nobody would speak for me, not even my father.”

Her “husband” was charged with no crime. Sharbana received a three-year sentence for abandoning him.

Afghan girls sold for money: here.

Afghan parliament expels female member: here.

Afghanistan: US soldiers killed near torture prison: here.

27 thoughts on “In George W. Bush’s ‘ new’ Afghanistan, girl jailed for having been raped

  1. Subject: [COAT] Malalai Joya (Afghan MP) needs our urgent help!
    Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 07:02:03 -0400

    The fundamentalists, warlords, terrorists and drug barons that dominate Afghanistan’s parliament (since Canada helped set up the phony electoral process there) have ousted Malalai from parliament. They have also decreed that she cannot leave the country and they have told the Afghan high court to launch a case against her.
    Please circulate, as widely as possible, the following urgent appeal from her defense committee. It highlights the farce passing for Afghan democracy that Canada is propping up though the U.S.-led military occupation.
    Malalai needs our solidarity now more than ever!
    Richard Sanders, coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT), editor, Press for Conversion!
    P.S. The website of the “Defense Committee for Malalai Joya” is

    Warlords and drug-lords oust Malalai Joya from the parliament
    Defense Committee for Malalai Joya, May 22, 2007
    Malalai Joya in Press Conference in Kabul on May 21
    Malalai Joya, in a press conference in Kabul on May 21, 2007 vows to continue her fight against warlords. (AP photo)

    In the past few weeks, after Malalai Joya’s return from a successful international tour and interview with a local TV station in Kabul, the warlords and criminals in the Afghan Parliament and Senate, tried hard to silence Joya and kick her out of the Parliament.

    They have used one of her recent comments during an interview as a justification for their move. In the interview, she expressed that the Afghan Parliament is worse than an animal stable whose many members are the murderers and enemies of Afghan people.

    On May 21, 2007, with a gross majority, the Parliament dominated by warlords and drug-lords suspended Joya for three years and ordered the High Court to file a case against her. They also directed the Interior Ministry to restrict her movements to within the country. This means she is not allowed to travel outside Afghanistan.

    In a press conference in Kabul, Joya announced that it is a political conspiracy against her and she will continue her fight against the warlords and enemies of Afghan people. She is ready to face an independent court and will use the opportunity to expose the enemies of Afghan people through it. Joya added, but I am very sorry that there is no justice in Afghanistan and the judiciary is also infected with the virus of warlordism and the fundamentalists occupy it.

    Some Afghan lawyers that we approached believe that the Parliament’s decision is illegal and only a court can decide to oust an elected representative of people from the parliament.

    But we are happy that majority of ordinary Afghan people strongly support Joya and she is receiving many phone calls, letters and emails full of sympathies and solidarity following the parliament decision.

    WE URGE all her supporters and well-wishers to come forward and help Joya now.

    YOU CAN do so in the following ways:

    – Write to Afghan officials and file your protest for expelling and prosecuting Joya, while the terrorists and human rights violators in the parliament were provided immunity before any court for their past crimes last month.

    – Express your concern for Joya’s security during the court sessions as the fundamentalists currently hold key positions in Afghanistan’s judiciary.

    – Circulate this letter and ask lawyers and defenders of human rights in your area and country to come forward and help Joya during her court proceedings and defend her.

    – Donate to Joya’s security fund online at to help improve her security with necessary equipment and facilities, while she is now deprived of all official facilities.

    Letters of protest can be sent to the following sources:

    President Hamid Karzai

    Supreme Court of Afghanistan
    Feedback Form of the Supreme Court

    Afghanistan’s Parliament

    Interior Ministry

    Justice Ministry of Afghanistan

    We thank you for your prompt action and support and hope you will forward a copy of your letters to

    Here’s more about Malalai to supplement the above message from her Defense Committee

    Malalai Joya visited Ottawa last September. Here’s more info about her and that event, which the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) helped organize.

    There are several pages about her in the issue of COAT’s magazine Press for Conversion! (#59) called:
    “The New Face of Terror in Afghanistan:
    How so-called ‘Democracy’ Empowered our Allies — the Fundamentalists, Warlords and Drug Barons”

    She is also highlighted in the online COAT slideshow:
    “Afghanistan! Iraq! ‘Missile Defence’!
    Canadian Complicity in the Business of War”
    The segment on Afghanistan starts here:
    The part about Malalai starts here:


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