5 thoughts on “NATO summit host attacks Iraq war ‘for oil’

  1. http://mrzine.monthlyreview.org/labor211009.html


    Troy Labor Council Resolution for a National March on Washington for Peace, Jobs and Healthcare Justice

    The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, attacks on Pakistan, military aid to Colombia, Israel and many of the countries that use US aid for repression of indigenous and popular movements, are making the people of the US and the world less safe.

    And Whereas:
    These wars and military aid are bankrupting the people of the US, who are already suffering from staggering job losses, foreclosures and a broken healthcare system.

    The Troy Area Labor Council AFL-CIO calls upon the AFL-CIO to organize a national march on Washington for Peace, Jobs and Healthcare Justice, to stop the wars and to use the resources freed up to end the jobs and healthcare crisis here at home.

    Passed unanimously at the October 21, 2009 Meeting


  2. Consortium signs major oil deal

    Iraq: The oil ministry has signed an initial deal with a consortium led by Italy’s Eni SpA to develop a prized southern oil field.

    Under the deal, which must still be approved by the cabinet, Eni, US firm Occidental Petroleum Corporation and South Korean company KOGAS would develop the 4.1 billion-barrel Zubair field, with the companies to receive $2 (£1.22) per barrel of crude produced.

    The contract would last 20 years but could be extended to 25.



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