Left election victory in Uruguay

This video is called Latin America: Socialism in the 21st Century.

In the elections in Uruguay, according to French weekly L’Express, the presidential candidate of the Leftist coalition, José Mujica, has won. After 21% of the votes had been counted, Mujica had 40,6% , and his conservative opponent, ex president Luis Lacalle, had 34,7%.

If this will also be the final result, these two candidates will have a runoff election on 29 November, which pollsters predict that Mujica will win.

UPDATE: Mujica 47.49%, Luis Lacalle 28.53% after all votes had been counted.

See also here.

Talking about runoff elections: The crisis over the fraudulent election in Afghanistan, culminating in President Karzai’s acceptance of a runoff, has laid bare the colonial character of the US occupation and the puppet status of the government in Kabul: here.

7 thoughts on “Left election victory in Uruguay

  1. Why the international media lies about events in Latin America

    By Eric Toussaint, translated by Francesca Denley and Judith Harris
    October 21, 2009 — It may be useful to assess the dangers of the
    systematically hostile attitude of the overwhelming majority of major
    European and North American media companies to the current events taking
    place in Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela. This hostility is only matched
    by an embarrassed, complicit silence towards those involved in the
    putsch in Honduras and the repression of the Peruvian army against the
    Indigenous populations of the Amazon.

    * Read more http://links.org.au/node/1311


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