Czech nazi officers in Afghanistan

This is a video about Czech nazis in the armed forces.

This is a satire video, in English, about Czech nazis.

In the United States, nazis are infiltrating the armed forces; seeing wars like in Iraq and Afghanistan as good “training” for the “racial holy war” which the nazis want to have at home against non white people.

Similar things are happening among the US’ Czech NATO allies. And not just among simple soldiers; also among commissioned and non-commissioned officers.

From Trend News in Azerbaijan today:

A scandal hit the Czech army on Monday when two commanders of Czech elite troops wore Nazi symbols on their helmets during their mission in Afghanistan, Czech daily MF Dnes reported. …

Lieutenant Jan Cermak wore the SS Dirlewanger brigade, and sergeant Hynek Matonoha wore the symbol of the 9th SS panzer division Hohenstaufen.

The SS units were the cruelest of German dictator Adolf Hitler’s armed forces, which actively exterminated civil population of occupied countries during the Second World War.

Even today, it is a crime to boast their emblems in the Czech Republic as well as in most European countries, Bartak said. …

Both men, having served in Afghan’s Logar province, were decorated for bravery on Friday after they returned home from the mission.

From ČTK news agency in the Czech Republic today:

Prague – The Czech military has sacked soldier Lukas Sedlacek who co-founded and trained the White Justice neo-Nazi organisation, Defence Minister Martin Bartak said today. …

White Justice was preparing terrorist attacks on power plants and unit substations and kidnappings of “Jews in high posts” and the police.

Members of the extremist group were taught to destroy property, blast cars and fight with and without arms.

Britain: Stop The War convener Lindsey German has called on Prime Minister Gordon Brown to end the human suffering and deaths in Afghanistan by pulling out the troops: here.

Britain faces a growing threat from violent right-wing extremists operating as “lone wolves,” the country’s most senior anti-terror officer has warned: here.

US anti-war groups have urged their members to launch nonviolent direct actions as soon as the long-expected escalation in Afghanistan is announced: here.

USA: With the massacre at Fort Hood and reports that President Obama is about to approve the sending of 40,000 additional troops to Afghanistan, “The Good Soldier” arrives at movie theaters in the nick of time. What is needed desperately right now is a shot in the arm for the antiwar movement and this deeply moving documentary about the conversion of five soldiers to the cause of peace supplies it in spades: here.

Gorbachev to Obama: ‘Prepare the ground for withdrawal’ in Afghanistan: here.

USA: Military Families Decry Move to Send More Troops to Afghanistan. “Honor Veterans by Bringing Our Troops Home!”: here.

6 thoughts on “Czech nazi officers in Afghanistan

  1. Army generals resign in wake of scandal

    Officers pay the price for Nazi symbols worn in Afghanistan

    Posted: December 23, 2009

    By Tom Clifford – Staff Writer

    Two generals appear to have fallen on their sword by handing in resignations in the fallout from a scandal involving Czech soldiers in Afghanistan wearing Nazi symbols on their uniforms.

    A brief statement issued by the Defense Ministry Dec. 17 read that, as of “Dec. 31, 2009, General Josef Prokš and Major-General Jiří Halaška will terminate their service with the Czech armed forces.”

    “I’ve complied with the two generals’ requests to leave the military. It is their personal decisions,” Defense Minister Martin Barták said.

    A third general, Josef Sedlák, is also stepping down. The Czech representative at the NATO Supreme Allied Command in Europe, based in Belgium, said his resignation is not believed to be related to the Nazi symbol scandal.

    In November, it emerged that three Czech soldiers who served as part of NATO forces in Afghanistan were suspended for wearing Nazi symbols. Two adorned their helmets with symbols of SS divisions while serving in eastern Afghanistan.

    Barták said their behavior was “unacceptable” and immediately suspended them. Later, he dismissed them.

    “There is no place in the Army for people who think this way,” said Barták.

    Lieutenant Jan Čermák, a rapid reaction force commander in the Logar province, had the insignia of the SS Dirlewanger brigade on his helmet. Meanwhile, Sergeant Hynek Matonoha drew the letter “H” dissected by a sword – signifying the SS Hohenstaufen panzer division – on his helmet.

    Halaška was responsible for the command of the Czech military in international operations. He was taken off duty Nov. 10 when the scandal broke. Prokš said 35 years of military service was long enough for him and it was time to start a civilian life.

    “Don’t look for anything else behind it,” he told reporters.

    There was mounting speculation Prokš resigned in the face of investigations into the conduct of Czech units operating abroad.

    Other problems include a Czech KFOR – the NATO mission in Kosovo – soldier who shot his colleague while inappropriately handling his firearm. Other Czech members of the KFOR mission reportedly got drunk and provoked a brawl in September. In October, another four Czech soldiers in Kosovo were caught smoking marijuana, and another soldier was arrested in mid-November for allegedly growing and distributing marijuana.

    There were also allegations that Czech soldiers had lost the trust of British forces in Afghanistan after withdrawing from several operations because of the heavy fighting and refusing to take part in an operation because too many soldiers were on leave.

    Prokš’s post of chief-of-staff first deputy chairman will go to Miroslav Žižka, the ground forces commander. Aleš Opata, currently head of a section at the Defense Ministry, will replace Halaška as deputy chief-of-staff, General Staff Spokeswoman Jana Růžičková said.

    Currently, about 500 Czech soldiers serve under the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force mission in Afghanistan. A further 100 may be deployed to coincide with U.S. President Barack Obama’s plan to boost forces.

    – Petr Cibulka Jr. contributed to this report.

    Tom Clifford can be reached at


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