39 thoughts on “Joschka Fischer, from Green to wars and Big Oil

  1. Turkey: Agreements reached on gas pipeline
    Despite financial uncertainties, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Turkey agreed to pave the way politically to construct the Nabucco natural gas pipeline aimed at relieving European dependency on Russian gas. The agreement last week materialized after Turkey relinquished demands that it retain 15 percent of gas derived from the Caspian Sea region.
    At the Ankara meeting, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s warm words for Iranian participation riled Washington.
    As if in response to a Greenpeace critique citing greenhouse gases and calling for solar energy, 12 corporations, mostly German, signed an agreement July 13 to plan and develop the Desertec Initiative, solar-energy installations strung across Northern Africa projected as eventually supplying 15 percent of Europe’s energy needs.



  2. Controversial plan for new naval base

    Turkmenistan: President Gurbanguli Berdymukhamedov announced plans yesterday to establish a naval base on the Caspian Sea coast, an area at the heart of a territorial dispute between Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan over oil and gas fields.

    The rivalry could jeopardise Turkmen plans to join the EU-sponsored Nabucco gas pipeline that bypasses Russia because gas from Turkmenistan would need to pass through Azerbaijan to enter the pipeline.



  3. France cuts deals with Kazakhstan

    France: President Nicolas Sarkozy won energy deals and an agreement allowing military hardware to pass through Kazakhstan yesterday.

    Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev said the military deal governed the shipment of French hardware and personnel to Afghanistan.

    The energy deals formalise the participation of two French firms in developing a natural gas field in the Caspian and grant a French consortium a role in building an oil pipeline from the Kashagan oil field to the Caspian.



  4. Irish speaker forced to resign

    Ireland: The embattled parliament speaker announced on Wednesday that he will resign over his lavish spending on staff and travel.

    Hours after two of Ireland’s major opposition parties Fine Gael and Labour declared they no longer had confidence in him and would seek to have him sacked, John O’Donoghue declared that he would step down next week.

    Mr O’Donoghue has claimed over £185,000 in expenses over the past two years.



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  21. « Du gaz naturel au gaz sarin. Le fond du bourbier syrien »

    Palestinien et Syrien, pour Investig’Action

    MICHEL COLLON : Et si le “problème syrien” venait du gaz ? Pas le gaz sarin (c’est curieux comme les armes chimiques ressortent toujours au “bon” moment!), mais le gaz naturel. Khaled Abelhafiz, Palestinien ayant vécu en Syrie et vivant à Paris, analyse pour nous les coulisses du fameux projet de gazoduc qatari Nabucco, et les dessous de ce marché très convoité où s’affrontent diverses stratégies, y compris dans le camp occidental. Qui contrôlera le marché du gaz européen ?
    Etats-Unis, Qatar, Turquie et quelques autres d’un côté. Syrie, Liban, résistance palestinienne et Russie de l’autre. Les cartes qui permettent de comprendre…



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