Pro Shell anti environment thugs in Ireland

This video from Ireland is called Shell in Mayo: A New Nigeria?

From British daily The Morning Star:

Fury as anti-Shell campaigner is hospitalised in night-time beating

Thursday 23 April 2009

ACTIVISTS opposed to a Shell pipeline project in County Mayo, Ireland, have expressed outrage after a top campaigner was badly beaten on Thursday night by at least six people in balaclavas.

Willie Corduff, a member of the Rossport Five – who were jailed for 94 days in 2005 over their opposition to the routing of the onshore pipeline through their land – was rushed to Mayo General Hospital in Castlebar.

Earlier this week, Shell decided to resume efforts to lay the offshore section of the pipeline after its environmental management plan was approved by Minister for Energy Eamon Ryan.

Mr Corduff and two other local men climbed under a lorry at midday on Wednesday in a bid to stop work at the Corrib site.

The other two men were pulled out, but Mr Corduff decided to stay under the vehicle until he had evidence that Shell had authorisation to press on with its work.

Campaigner Sean Mallory told the Star: “Willie was planning to stay there overnight.

“But at 4am, he got out to stretch his legs and was attacked by six people in balaclavas. They kneeled on his head and kicked him repeatedly.”

Gardai investigated another incident at the Corrib site yesterday in which, they say, up to 15 people wearing balaclavas and carrying tools, bars and chains vandalised the area last night.

It is not known if the two incidents are connected, but commenters on online newswire Indymedia observed that the damage to the site does not fit with the peaceful tactics favoured by the Shell to Sea campaign.

They suggested the beating of Mr Corduff indicated that both incidents are more likely to be the work of agents provocateurs.

Mr Corduff is in stable condition at Mayo General Hospital.

According to Indymedia Ireland, the balaclava thugs are Shell security.

See also here.

Rossport Representatives visit Derry: here.

16 thoughts on “Pro Shell anti environment thugs in Ireland

  1. Eugene Island pipeline shut after spill: Shell

    Mon Jul 27, 2009 11:13pm EDT

    HOUSTON (Reuters) – The Eugene Island pipeline has been shut down pending repairs after a leak spilled 1,400 barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana, Shell Pipeline Co said Monday.

    “At this time, we cannot forecast when restart will occur,” Shell said in a news release.

    The 20-inch-diameter line, which carries Eugene Island grade crude to shore, lost pressure and released crude Saturday afternoon about 60 miles southwest of Houma, Louisiana, in waters about 60 feet deep, Shell said.

    Cleanup began Monday and the cause was under investigation. Mild weather, calm seas and distance from shore mean the oil likely will not reach land, Shell said.

    A Shell spokesman said the company was sending a dive vessel to inspect the section of pipeline involved and the goal was to develop a repair and restart plan later in the week.

    The leak occurred in an area defined by the U.S. Minerals Management Service as Eugene Island Block 281, the Coast Guard said.

    The Eugene Island line recently began carrying crude from Chevron Corp’s Tahiti platform farther offshore, increasing the volumes flowing through the line.

    (Reporting by Bruce Nichols; Editing by Christian Wiessner)


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