Shell profiteering from Iraq war

This video from the United States Congress is called US Oil Companies Moving In On Iraq Oil.

After over a million civilian deaths and over four million refugees in Iraq; as (banned) Iraqi trade unions fight the occupation and its privatization policies, especially of oil; Reuters reports:

The Iraqi cabinet has approved a preliminary natural gas deal between Royal Dutch Shell and the state-run South Oil Company, the government spokesman said on Sunday. …

Shell has also been in talks with Iraq on a short-term technical service oil contract, one of half a dozen Iraq has said it hopes to finalise before it brokers long-term deals to exploit its massive, easily accessible oilfields.

See also here.

8 thoughts on “Shell profiteering from Iraq war

  1. Iraq

    Rice: “A thousand times again”
    Of a war that has cost more than 4,100 American lives, left an additional 30,000 seriously wounded and killed tens of thousands of Iraqis, Ms. Rice says. . . . “I’d do it a thousand times again. I’d do it a thousand times again.”

    Inmates tell of sexual abuse and beatings in Iraq’s overcrowded juvenile prison system
    “Trials last on average for 25 minutes, no witnesses are called, confessions are used as the only evidence, and court-appointed defence lawyers get the case file on the day of the trial, leaving no chance to consult the defendant in private.”


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