Shell corporation against green energy

This video says about itself:

UN slams Shell over Nigeria oil pollution

12 August 2011

A UN report says it will cost up to $1bn and take 30 years to clean up the damage done by decades of drilling by Shell.

Oil exploration in Nigeria’s south for several decades has had a debilitating effect on the environment of the region.

Shell, the Anglo-Dutch oil company, has been accused of serious failures in its handling of the pollution in the Niger Delta and shirking its responsibility.

Activists have demanded that Shell‘s licence be revoked for the environmental disaster.

But with 90 per cent of the government’s revenue coming from petroleum exports, oil companies seem to have clear political leverage over the issue.

Al Jazeera’s Yvonne Ndege reports from southern Nigeria.

Translated from Dutch pro-Wadden Sea environmental organisation Waddenvereniging:

Shell refuses its shareholders’ call to become ‘green’


With an unprecedented tone, Shell lets its shareholders know they will not consider for one single moment to become ‘green’.

Years ago, Shell used to have a sustainable energy division. However, they shut it down quickly after it turned out they could not make fast profits from it.

Apparently, the only green Shell likes is the green of army uniforms. As they profit from oil wars like the Iraq war; and can sell petrol for tanks and armoured cars of armed forces all over the world.

The revolving door between Shell corporation and the NATO military alliance does not exist for nothing.

This can be seen from the reaction of the Dutch/British energy giant to a resolution submitted by some shareholders. Follow this is an alliance between individuals and major investors focusing on greening of Shell. They assume what they call a positive vision, in which the oil and gas industry will become part of the solutions for climate change.

The company’s reaction is unbelievably harsh and defensive. According to Shell, what the resolution demands is “not in the interests of the company,” and so Shell‘s board of directors makes a unanimous recommendation to its shareholders to vote against this resolution. It becomes painfully clear that despite Shell‘s beautiful words about the need for a “Green Cabinet” in the Netherlands, there is only one thing in the company’s interest: the extraction and sale of oil and gas anywhere and in any case. …

Shell rather hides behind governments that need to “provide security to enable investments in renewable energy.” In short, calling for a green new government and substantial government spending, but continuing to sell and extract fossil fuels.

As for a “Green Cabinet” in the Netherlands: after the recent general election, there are negotiations on forming a coalition government of four political parties: the pro-Big Business VVD; the conservative CDA; D66 (pro-Big Business, but also more pro-environment than the VVD); and GroenLinks (Green Left). If GroenLinks would join a coalition with these three parties to its right, many of its voters would leave in disgust.

Shell has not yet responded to the appeal of the Waddenvereniging and many others to leave natural gas under the Wadden Sea alone.

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