Donegal Greens split from Irish pseudo-Greens

From Derek Wall in England:

Great news. 91% of members at a special meeting in Donegal have voted to split from the Irish ‘Green’ Party.

Thank god, real greens are active in Ireland and working for change. Greens across the world will be wishing them luck.

Fianna Fail has many a politician who has taken a back hander for some polluting project in the area and real greens really hate what they have done to the environment.

The Irish ‘Green’ Party voted to go into coalition government with Fianna Fail and things have gone from bad to worse, NAMA where bns is thrown to the bankers, the government continuing to build a motorway through Tara, cuts in the Dublin bus service, etc, etc.

Well politics involves compromises but for many people this went too far and if you think I am negative about them, I am nothing compared to Irish voters who have deserted the Irish ‘Green’ party big time.

So Cllr Frank Gallagher and the good men and women of the Donegal Greens have voted to go independent and taken the brave step of building a new alternative green party.

With a bit of luck it will be John Gormley TD on his own and everyone else will be in a new Green Party…which is actually ‘Green’.

England: Catching up with ex-Labour member turned Green Party councillor Alex Phillips: here.

Thirty years ago today, on January 13, 1980, the Green Party was founded in the German city of Karlsruhe: here.

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