German Luftwaffe participates in Libyan bloodbath

This video about the Libyan war is called NATO kills 10 civilians for every troop targeted, destroys children’s facilities.

By Tom Mellen:

MP attacks covert role in Nato war

Friday 19 August 2011

A German MP warned today that Luftwaffe involvement in the blitz on Libya was “constitutionally very questionable” because the Bundestag had not granted the Merkel administration a mandate to go to war.

Defence Ministry documents released on Thursday revealed that 11 air force personnel had been deployed to Operation Unified Protector headquarters in Italy.

The ministry said the soldiers were helping to identify targets for bombing.

But Green Party MP Hans-Christian Stroebele

A member of the Left wing of the Greens, contrary to the party’s pro-war Right wing, including Joschka Fischer, ex-party leader, now Big Oil businmessman

said the admission meant that “the army is taking an active part in the war in Libya.”

Such active involvement meant that a parliamentary mandate was required, he said.

Mr Stroebele added: “This reminds us of the covert support that German secret service agents rendered to the American-led war against Iraq in 2003.”

Berlin formally opposes the war in Libya and abstained from the UN security council vote that imposed the “no-fly zone” over the developing country in March.

At the time Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said Berlin would not participate in the Nato bombing campaign for fear of killing civilians.

Social Democrat MP Gernot Erler said today: “The fact that it has now been revealed that German soldiers are involved in choosing military targets shows that Westerwelle’s boastful statements about not taking part were a farce.”

But German Defence Minister Thomas de Maiziere insisted today that the deployment of German soldiers under Nato command was “normal practice.”

Mr de Maiziere said that if every deployment of German soldiers by Nato required parliamentary approval Berlin would be unable to fulfil its obligations to the US-led military alliance – and could be forced to withdraw from it.

Opinion polls have shown that a majority of German citizens are opposed to Nato’s military meddling in Libya.

In fierce fighting between Libyan government forces and Western-backed rebels has seen a “rapid deterioration in the humanitarian situation” in the Libyan towns of Brega, Zawiya, Garyan, and Sabratha, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has warned.

Sabratha antiquities: here.

“Some of the areas where the fighting is fiercest are unreachable. We hope to be granted access quickly so we can bring people the assistance they need,” the organisation said in a statement released on Thursday night.

See also here.

Western-backed rebel forces encircle Libyan capital: here.

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