NATO keeps killing Libyan civilians

This video is called NATO Massacre Kills 85 Civilians Incl. Children (August 8-9, 2011) near Zlitan/Majer, Libya.

By Kate Randall:

NATO airstrike kills dozens of civilians east of Tripoli

10 August 2011

The Libyan government charged Tuesday that a NATO airstrike killed 85 civilians near Zlitan, 90 miles east of the capital Tripoli on the Mediterranean coast. Libyan government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim said the bombing occurred late Monday night in Majar, a community about three miles south of Zlitan.

The state news agency JANA reported, “Dozens of innocent and safe children, woman and old people were martyred in the heinous massacre committee by the colonial crusader NATO alliance as a result of its airstrikes on their homes in Majar (in Zlitan) while they were asleep.” JANA said that “20 families” had been killed.

Libyan television footage from a hospital showed what a broadcaster described as the burned bodies of at least three children under the age of nine killed in the attack. There were also video clips of badly wounded women and children being treated.

Libyan government spokesman Mussa Ibrahim told reporters on a guided tour that Majar had been attacked “to allow rebel fighters to enter” the government-held city. He said the 85 villagers killed included 33 children and 32 women. Journalists were shown at least 25 bodies in the morgue, as well as the ruins of several homes hit by the strike.

Zlitan has been the target of an intense aerial bombing campaign by NATO against Libyan government forces. A NATO spokesman confirmed that its jets struck three times overnight in Zlitan.

NATO protects more civilians in Zlitan – by killing them: here.

The World Socialist Web Site demands that Professor Cole retract his slanderous claim that the WSWS supports a massacre in Libya: here. And here.

The head of the United Nations agency entrusted with safeguarding press freedom today deplored a recent North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) attack on Libyan State broadcasting facilities last month which killed three media workers and injured 21 people: here.

African youth activists called on the leaders of former liberation movements meeting in Namibia today to consolidate the gains of the anti-colonial struggle by jointly confronting Western meddling: here.

28 thoughts on “NATO keeps killing Libyan civilians

  1. The working class in the UK is being made to pay for the UK government’s imperialist adventure in Libya to the tune of millions of pounds for service personnel accommodation, let alone the costs of the deployment of planes and weapons.

    Britain is spending £1.3 million ($2.1 million, 1.5 million euros) a month on accommodation alone for 1,000 service personnel in Italy while they conduct air strikes on Libya, official figures showed on Sunday.

    The Royal Air Force (RAF) pilots and their support crews are deployed in four different parts of Italy as part of the NATO campaign against Libyan leader Colonel Gadaffi’s forces.

    Accommodation costs have averaged £1,315,000 a month since the bombing raids began in March, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) admitted.

    Some £1.1 million a month is going on accommodation for personnel at the Gioia del Colle airbase in southeast Italy, where the RAF Tornado and Typhoon fighter jets are stationed.

    The MoD said: ‘The RAF is operating from Gioia del Colle in southern Italy where military accommodation is limited and therefore hotel accommodation must be used.’


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