Libyan war goes on and on

This video says about itself:

WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE – Children & Other Libyan Civilians Killed by NATO.

By Peter Symonds:

NATO facing military stalemate in Libya

4 August 2011

The unexplained killing last week of the Libyan rebel military commander, General Abdel Fatah Younis, has highlighted the divided and unstable character of the NATO-backed Transitional National Council (TNC) and the military stalemate in its efforts to oust the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. The assassination has provoked a series of comments by British and French ministers that effectively reverse months of US and NATO propaganda predicting the imminent fall of Gaddafi.

Speaking on Monday, British Foreign Secretary William Hague declared: “We don’t know how long it will be. We don’t know when Colonel Gadaffi will see that he has to go. We don’t know when members of his regime will come to that conclusion.” While expressing the British government’s determination to continue the war, Hague warned that “in a conflict, things do not go in an even manner.”

In a revealing comment, Hague defended the NATO bombing campaign, saying it had saved “many thousands of lives and stopped the destabilisation of Egypt and Tunisia.” Saving civilian lives is the pretext used to justify NATO’s illegal war on Libya. The reference to Egypt and Tunisia, however, confirms that, along with securing control of Libya’s oil, the US and NATO are intent on establishing a beachhead against the revolutionary uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa.

Hague’s comments followed those on Sunday of British Defence Secretary Liam Fox, who conceded that the Libyan rebels were unlikely to topple Gaddafi.

The French navy announced today that it is to pull the mammoth Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier out of the Libya war for months of repair work: here.

In NATO’s oh so humanitarian war on Libya, “100 fleeing Libyan refugees ‘die of dehydration’ on boat bound for Italy”: here.

Italy demands to know if Libya blockade warship ignored refugees: here.

H. Patricia Hynes, Truthout: “Worldwide, the military is the most secretive, shielded and privileged of polluters because the hallowed mantra, national security, trumps the public’s right to know. Thus, most of the extant data on pollution from US-military-related sites is available solely because of citizen pressure on the Department of Defense (DoD), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Congress to inventory, assess, and divulge the extent of the military’s environmentally hazardous activities. By the late 1980s, public data revealed that the Pentagon was generating a ton of toxic waste per minute, more toxic waste than the five largest US chemical companies combined, making it the largest polluter in the United States”: here.

7 thoughts on “Libyan war goes on and on

  1. Italy wants NATO probe into refugee rescue ‘refusal’

    NATO denied calls for help, says Italy

    05 August, 15:17

    (ANSA) – Rome, August 5 – Following the deaths of dozens of refugees aboard a stranded ship in Libyan waters, Italy formally asked NATO Friday to investigate why it did not intervene despite calls for help.

    According to witnesses among the 374 who were rescued Thursday by the Italian coast guard, the ship had been floating aimlessly for six days after the engine broke down, leaving hundreds of passengers without food and water in crowded quarters. Italian authorities said they asked a NATO ship less than 30 miles from the stranded vessel to intervene sooner, but NATO allegedly refused, prompting Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini to request an internal investigation. “NATO always responds and intervenes in emergency situations, in compliance with international law,” said NATO spokesman David Taylor. “NATO ship commanders are well aware of these laws and act in accordance with the norms of SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea), which regulate the procedures to follow for rescues at sea”. Among those rescued, 50 were immediately treated for hypothermia and dehydration and five others were hospitalized for more serious conditions.

    It is the second time this week that the Italian coast guard has rescued boats fleeing Libya and found dead bodies on board. On Monday, officials found 25 corpses aboard a ship packed with 271 African refugees from Libya rescued off the southern Italian island of Lampedusa.

    Similar accusations of NATO inaction surfaced in late March when witnesses said that two NATO jets passed over a vessel stranded off the coast of Libya.

    Of the 72 refugees on board, 61 eventually died after over two weeks at sea.


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