Irish voters punish pro-capitalist government

This cartoon video from Ireland is called IRISH ECONOMIC CRISIS EXPLAINED (By Cartoon Robots).

The voters of Ireland have dealt a crushing blow to the pro-capitalist coalition government of Fianna Fáil and the Green Party.

This government has a record of economic and social disaster, of corruption, and of slavish kowtowing to the Pentagon on torture flights at Shannon airport, to multinational corporations like Shell threatening to pollute western Ireland, and to International Monetary Fund and European Union top bureaucrats.

Due to the complex vote counting system in Ireland, all results are not in yet.

So far, Sinn Fein, critics of pro-capitalist policies from the Left, have won thirteen seats. That is just one seat less than the biggest party in the government coalition, Fianna Fáil. The Green Party, the junior coalition partners, who had sold out all their ecological principles for cushy government jobs, have not won any seats at all so far and maybe will not have any seats at all.

The Labour Party, who also had some Leftish criticisms of the government though in a lukewarm wishy-washy way, have the best result in their party history, with so far 28 seats. Maybe they will now form a coalition with the centre Right Fine Gael party.

If that happens, one may expect more pro capitalist policies. Those will face opposition from workers, and in the Dáil, the Parliament, from Sinn Fein, and from the United Left Alliance, who went from zero to at least three seats.

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12 thoughts on “Irish voters punish pro-capitalist government

  1. Petition launched against royal visit

    Ireland: Republicans launched an online petition today as part of a campaign against the planned state visit to the 26 counties by British head of state Elizabeth Windsor, which was confirmed over the weekend.

    The petition demands that Enda Kenny and his incoming government abandon plans for the visit, which is scheduled to take place in May.

    Launching the petition Brian Leeson of left-wing republican group Eirigi said: “The political elite and large sections of the corporate media cannot contain their excitment at the prospect of seeing a ‘British Queen’ paraded through the streets of Dublin.

    “They conveniently ignore the fact that she is the commander in chief of the British army which continues to occupy part of our country and that she is an apologist for war crimes committed by her troops in Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan.”


  2. Fast-food staff protest for pay

    IRISH REPUBLIC: Fast-food chain workers protested in Dublin today against an attack on basic pay and conditions.

    Members of the Restaurant and Catering Workers Forum, established by trade union Siptu and the Migrant Rights Centre, gathered on O’Connell Street outside fast-food outlets which are members of an industry group mounting a legal challenge to the system which sets minimum wages for the catering industry.


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