‘Green’ BP, ‘Green’ Joschka Fischer, partners in pollution

BP oil keeps polluting the Gulf of Mexico. In spite of BP’s green coloured logo and BP’s greenwashing propaganda.

BP, however, are not the only ones like that. Now, it turns out that they have partners in polllution.

These partners include the Mubarak dictatorial regime in Egypt. Egypt, where oil is polluting the beautiful Red Sea coral reef environment right now. Oil of the Egyptian Petroleum Corporation, BP’s contract partner.

From Trend News in Azerbaijan:

BP paves way to Nabucco for Egyptian gas

20.07.2010 12:35

Azerbaijan, Baku, July 20 / Trend, A. Badalova /

The signing of an agreement yesterday by BP and the Egyptian Petroleum Ministry and the Egyptian Petroleum Corporation to develop hydrocarbon resources may increase Egypt’s role as a European gas supplier and ensure gas for the Nabucco pipeline.

Right, the Nabucco pipeline.

One of the Nabucco fat cats is just as ‘green’ as his BP partners. He is German ‘green’ politician Joschka Fischer, who evolved from environmentalist to warmonger and Big Oil and Big Gas millionaire.

BP’s major partner in Nabucco is the German company RWE, which earlier announced the signing of an agreement to develop gas in North Alexandria and the Mediterranean Sea. RWE has a 16.67-percent stake in the project.

About 143 billion cubic meters of gas and condensate will be produced during the first stage of developing five offshore Egyptian fields. Gas production will start in late 2014. Investments in field development are estimated at $9 billion.

Today, Egypt is considered a potential gas supplier for the Nabucco pipeline, which aims to transport gas from the Middle East and the Caspian region to the EU. Construction of the pipeline is scheduled for 2011 and first supplies are expected in 2014 when first gas production is planned from North Alexandria and the West Mediterranean Deep Water. The pipeline’s maximum capacity will amount to 31 billion cubic meters per year.

Gas produced from the fields can be supplied to Nabucco with RWE’s assistance.

RWE is one of the largest natural gas sales companies on the German market. The company is currently negotiating with potential Nabucco suppliers in Azerbaijan, northern Iraq, and Turkmenistan.

RWE’s participation in gas development projects with potential future Nabucco suppliers demonstrates the company’s immense interest in the project. Egyptian gas can be transported via Nabucco by connecting to the project to the Pan-Arab gas pipeline – whose project participants are Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.

An agreement to construct the Pan-Arab pipeline between Arab countries was reached in 2000. The pipeline route envisages exporting Egyptian gas through Jordan, Syria and Turkey to Western Europe. The planned pipeline length is 324 kilometers.

Earlier Egyptian Petroleum Minister Amin Sameh Samir Fahmy said his country is considering the possibility of connecting the Pan-Arab gas pipeline to Nabucco to supply its own gas via the route.

Fischer pro-war in 2014: here.

Germany: Joschka Fischer’s declaration of war on Russia: here.

USA: Admiral Allen Expresses Concern about Seeps & Pressure Near BP Well. Read his letter to BP: here.

BBC: Alaskan Eskimos say oil drilling threatens way of life.

Big Oil Makes War on the Earth: here.

BP Oil Poisons the Gulf of Mexico’s Food Chain: here.

Is BP buying scientists? [Video]: here.

USA: Get this: BP has secret number Cali lawmakers can call for free NBA/concert tix. Surely BP wants nothing in return: here.

To date: 3615 birds, 697 Sea Turtles, 67 Mammals (Dolphins), 2 Reptiles officially at oil spill.

Many threats facing sharks, such as bycatch and finning, are well known to conservationists. Less well known, but just as serious to some species, are the threats to sharks from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico: here.

BP Pushes Doctored Image of “Command Center”: Company Apparently Used Photoshop to Insert Images onto Blank Screens; Original Photo May Be from 2001: here.

Belgian Green politician Javaux; not so Left, not so Green: here.

The Greens have to become Germany’s new classical business party, Baden-Württemberg Premier Winfried Kretschmann declared at the Greens’ state party conference in Tuttlingen, which ended on November 10. He might have added: the new pro-war party: here.

The German Green Party has proved on many occasions that it is expert in embellishing the reactionary content of its program with empty talk of freedom, humanity and peace. Such hypocrisy was once more on show at the party’s annual congress held last weekend in Hamburg. The party’s slogans recall George Orwell’s “newspeak.” The tightening up of immigration law is described by the Greens as a “humane asylum policy”; the German government’s embrace of militarism as a “European peace policy”; and its neoliberal economic course as “freedom for all”: here.

German Greens press for confrontation with Russia: here.

16 thoughts on “‘Green’ BP, ‘Green’ Joschka Fischer, partners in pollution

  1. PM defends BP – but not Megrahi

    United States: Visiting British PM David Cameron sought on Tuesday to calm renewed criticism in the US of the release of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi by saying the prostate cancer victim “should have died in jail.”

    Mr Cameron said the Scottish government’s decision to free Mr Megrahi had been “profoundly misguided” but denied that disgraced oil giant BP had been involved.



  2. State take-over of broadcasting

    Egypt: All live broadcasts, including TV talk shows and news bulletins, are to be taken under state television control under new regulations by the Mubarak regime.

    Companies whose licences are revoked have to acquire them from state television, several of the companies reported on Wednesday.

    Critics say new restrictions on journalists are intended to stifle democratic debate a month before parliamentary elections in the country.



  3. Drilling may ‘kill’ Mediterranean – WWF

    2011-02-10 12:01

    Rome – A rush to drill in the gas-rich Mediterranean may do permanent damage to the sea’s wildlife as it takes at least a millennium for an ecosystem to grow, the World Wildlife Fund warned on Wednesday.

    Drilling in the Mediterranean’s eastern region shared by Turkey, Israel and Egypt, “could cause irreversible damage” to its biodiversity, said Sergi Tudela, head of WWF’s Mediterranean Fisheries Programme.

    The area hosts rare and millennia-old species such as deep-sea sponges, worms, molluscs and cold water corals, and therefore are “particularly fragile and vulnerable to external interference”, he added in a statement.

    Once a deep-sea floor has been drilled, “it can take a millennium or more before the unique micro-ecosystem grows again, so the most fragile and valuable species and under-sea areas must be left untouched by gas development”.

    The recently discovered Leviathan gas field, 135km off the Israeli coast, is the world’s biggest deep-water gas discovery in a decade, with an estimated volume of 0.45 trillion cubic metres of gas.

    Earlier this year the West Nile Delta gas field was discovered, lying in Egyptian waters 80km off Alexandria.

    The green group called on a handful of Mediterranean countries and the EU to ban industrial development and drilling in deep-sea areas where the biodiversity is rich.

    – SAPA


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