German racist knife attack on war refugees

This video from Germany says about itself:

“There is no proper housing, no good life,” a Syrian refugee named Farouk told VICE News correspondent Milène Larsson in Berlin. “There is no good food, no work. Some people have to wait for a year to start learning German. People say it’s our fault, no.”

… “Our rooms are very cramped,” aid. “No money, nothing that Farouk swe can build a life with. There is nothing that gives us hope for tomorrow.”

This segment originally aired Nov. 14, 2016, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

German man attacks three immigrants with knife ‘because he was angry about Merkel’s refugee policy

Afghan teenager seriously wounded in the city of Heilbronn

Jon Sharman

Tuesday 20 February 2018

A drunk pensioner attacked and wounded three migrants with a knife because he was angry about the German government’s refugee policy, officials believe.

Prosecutors in southwest Germany said the 70-year-old man wanted to send a message with the assault over the weekend.

The man, who has German and Russian citizenship, seriously wounded a 17-year-old Afghan in the attack near a church in the city of Heilbronn.

A 25-year-old Iraqi and a 19-year-old Syrian were also lightly injured.

German and Russian citizenship? That looks like the perpetrator is himself an immigrant from Russia. There are more examples of people who used to belong to vulnerable groups, who after becoming less vulnerable ‘pull up the ladder‘ against still vulnerable people. However, most of these do not go as far as this violent crime against refugees from the bloody Afghan, Iraqi and Syrian wars.

Bettina Joerg, spokeswoman for Heilbronn prosecutors, said that the suspect was drunk and wanted to send a signal “about the current refugee policy.”

Germany has seen a rise in anti-migrant violence following the arrival of more than a million refugees in recent years. …

“I am deeply troubled by this revolting crime and my thoughts are with the victims”, Heilbronn’s mayor, Harry Mergel said. I hope they won’t suffer lasting consequences.

“I call on people to treat refugees with humanity and be prepared to help them.”

The attacker has been released from custody following the assault outside St Kilian‘s Church, the site said.

Dear Ms Bettina Joerg, spokeswoman for Heilbronn prosecutors: let us suppose the perpetrator would not have German and Russian nationality, but citizenship from a mostly Muslim country. And that his three victims would not have been refugees from the Afghan, Syrian and Iraqi wars, but ‘ethnic Germans’. And suppose that he would not have said anti-refugee things, but ‘Allahu akbar!‘ And that everything else would have been the same. In that case, Ms Joerg, would the knifeman have been released from custody as well?

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  3. GERMANY: Horst Seehofer has vowed a crackdown on refugees once he becomes interior minister when Angela Merkel’s new cabinet is sworn in on Wednesday.

    The current governor of Bavaria told Sunday newspaper Bild am Sonntag that he wants to push through a “plan for accelerated asylum procedures and consequent deportations.”

    He insisted that deporting people who had fled war zones was necessary to ensure “the security of our citizens.”


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