Dutch refugee haters suspected of knife attack

This 2 November Dutch Enschede local TV video shows an interview with police spokeswoman Ms Chantal Westerhoff, describing the two suspects in a knife attack on a local government employee, close to an area where refugees may be housed.

After Dutch racists attacked a building housing refugees from the war in Syria with bombs … after Dutch racists burned cars owned by a pro-refugee politician … after Pegida racists did the nazi salute and violently attacked opponents in Utrecht … after racists did the nazi salute and inflicted bodily harm in Enschede

now, also from Enschede, translated from RTV Oost in the Netherlands today:

Dijkhoff, State Secretary for Security and Justice, is shocked by reports that in Enschede a local government employee was stabbed. It is suspected that he was attacked because of local authority plans for a refugee center. This reports De Telegraaf.

De Telegraaf is a right-wing daily paper.

Meanwhile, De Telegraaf reports that police says there are two suspects in this stabbing of a city employee, responsible for housing refugees. One is a fat white man of about 35 years old. The other suspect is a thin white male with reddish hair. They used a new Volkswagen Golf car; and stabbed the official several times in the face with a Stanley knife, injuring him severely. Police have not managed to catch these two men yet.

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