German far-right politician’s daughter’s nazi poems

Girl reads nazi poetry in Speyer, Germany

The background of this photo from Speyer city in Germany shows a sign, saying ‘Speyer without racism’. Unfortunately, Speyer is not yet completely without racism. As the person on the foreground of the photo, the daughter of a neofascist politician, showed.

Translated from Dutch (right-wing) daily De Telegraaf today:

German teenage girl shocks with Nazi poems

By Sander Tromp

A fourteen-year-old girl from Speyer in Germany caused a huge uproar by declaiming racist poems during a poetry competition for students.

Each participant in the contest was given a maximum of five minutes of time and the person who would receive the most applause was allowed to continue to the next round.

After Ida-Marie Müller (not entirely coincidentally the daughter of Nicole Höchst, politician of the extreme right-wing party AfD) stepped on stage for about a hundred listeners, she fiercely attacked foreigners. She recited a poem in prayer form with striking sentences like “multiculti[ral] tralala, hurray, the whole world comes here” and “see the hypocrites in the mirror and love your neighbor, the murderer.”

Bizarrely enough she got the most applause, so she was allowed another round. The adolescent girl then doubled down a little bit more.

“The negro is no longer a nigger, you can not say gypsy [about Roma] anymore. They are both racist, that’s what people hear every day. Whoever dares to do so is booed.”

Microphone off

The organization then switched off her microphone. Then, they gave the girl another chance, but as she kept going with her Nazi talking, the jury finally decided to get her out of the competition.

According to Belgian daily Het Laatste Nieuws, Ms Müller said the, anti-racist, poems by the other competitors, were ‘for arseholes’. One of her poems said that refugees cannot get women, so they rape German women at knifepoint. And, she said, trade unionists and left-wing parties, shouting: nazis out! are supposedly complicit in these knifepoint rapes, ‘usual in the east’. She also attacked ‘towelhead’ Muslims and anti-fascists.

See also here.

Ms Müller’s mother is an AfD member of parliament. She is notorious for her attacks on LGBTQ people, whom she blames for child abuse, and on disabled persons. According to her, Muslims should leave Germany. Women, according to Ms Höchst MP, face no discrimination problem in Germany. ‘Islam is their only problem‘.

The AfD, according to the German government commissioner on anti-Semitism Felix Klein, promotes anti-Semitism. Over 90% of anti-Semitic crime in Germany is by the German nationalist far right.

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