United States bombs kill Iraqis

This video from the USA says about itself:

Frontline Diary: An exclusive embedded report reveals the trigger happy attitude of young US marines in their push into Baghdad.

Capturing one of the most shocking ‘battles’ of the Iraq War, Geoff Thompson’s diary reaches an explosive conclusion – a car speeds up behind our convoy and jittery marines open fire as it tries to overtake. The car is riddled with bullets killing all 3 civilians. This then results in a dramatic fire fight in the night time confusion. The red on red tracer fire later reveals it was ‘friendly fire’.

“We killed three civilians. That’s pretty bad. It’s happened before and I hope it doesn’t happen again”, confides one marine. A shocking finale to the embedded report which follows inexperienced frontline troops from the Kuwait border to Baghdad over 21 gruelling days. Includes candid interviews with the troops: “Every time we bomb them, it’s cool to me because I like explosions and stuff like that!” A hard hitting fresh perspective of the war in Iraq.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

IRAQ: A US air strike mistakenly hit Iraqi government-aligned tribal fighters and civilians in western Anbar province on Saturday, killing seven and wounding 11 others.

The strike hit the town of al-Baghdadi following the capture of an Isis operative by US forces, who were then attacked with hand grenades from nearby homes.

Shi’ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr condemned the attack as a “flagrant violation” of Iraq’s independence and sovereignty, demanding “immediate punishment of the aggressors.”

The Iraq Death Toll 15 Years After the US Invasion. Numbers are numbing, especially numbers that rise into the millions. But please remember that each person killed represents someone’s loved one: here.

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