More massacres than ever in the USA

Commemoration after racist El Paso, USA massacre, AFP photo

This photo shows a place of commemoration after the racist neonazi El Paso, USA massacre this year, which killed 22 people for being Latin American.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

In the United States, 41 mass murders were committed this year, according to a count by, among others, the press agency AP. That is the highest number since the first investigations into this began in the 1970s. The previous record, 38, dates from 2006.

The counting by AP, the USA Today newspaper and Northeast University looked at murders with at least four deaths, excluding the perpetrator.

The massacres killed 211 people in total this year. Only in 2017 was that higher, with 224 victims. That peak was mainly caused by the attack on a country festival in Las Vegas, where a shooter shot 58 visitors from his hotel room. …

In 33 of the 41 mass murders, the perpetrator used a firearm. Other weapons used were knives and axes. In two cases, the murderer set fire to a motorhome or (mobile) caravan containing the victims.

A gunman and two other people were killed during services at a church in White Settlement, Texas on Sunday. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, two of the deceased were church-goers: Anton Wallace, 64, from Fort Worth, and Richard White, 67, from River Oaks. The shooter, identified as Keith Thomas Kinnunen, was killed: here. According to Associated Press, Kinnunen was prone to religious fanaticism and “says he’s battling a demon”. He may have bought the massacre gun legally.

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