13 thoughts on “Hurricane Harvey disaster in Texas, USA

  1. From: Chris Kutalik-Cauthern via ActionNetwork.org
    Date: Mon, August 28, 2017
    Subject: Hurricane Harvey: How to Help
    To: Jim Hightower


    Thousands in our state are suffering because of Hurricane Harvey and spillover flooding since this weekend. Our Revolution Texas members are among them. Many of us around the state are wondering how we can volunteer and donate to help the many in hard-hit areas. We all know that showing solidarity in trying times is an important part of what we do and why we do it as progressive populists.

    In the Houston Area

    If you have a flat-bottomed boat or a high-water vehicle, you are urgently needed. Call 713-881-3100.
    If you are in need of immediate help from a life-threatening emergency call 9-1-1.
    If you are or know others in need of non-emergency help call 3-1-1 in Houston or 2-1-1 in nearby areas.

    Outside Houston

    Local relief groups, progressive organizations, unions, and immigrant rights groups are already mobilizing grassroots relief efforts. Here is a list of groups and efforts you can plug into to help:

    The Texas Workers Relief Fund. A union-relief effort by the Texas AFL-CIO, donations are tax-deductible. The state fed has been closely coordinating with the Houston and Corpus-area central labor councils to provide material aid.

    RNRN Disaster Relief Fund. Our ally the National Nurses United organizes medical relief for major disasters through this fund.

    Texas DSA. DSA chapters (also allies) have been organizing both volunteers and those in need at a grassroots level. Sign up here to offer help (or ask for it) or donate directly to Houston DSA.

    Coastal Bend Disaster Recovery Group Fund. If you want to donate directly for relief in the Coastal Bend towns hit directly by the hurricane.

    Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Houston’s mayor has set up this fund to assist with victims of Houston’s ongoing and increasingly dangerous flooding. Donations are tax-deductible.

    The extreme enforcement policies of SB4 and ICE have put immigrant workers in increased harm’s way through the crisis. Immigrant and refugee groups such as RAICES in San Antonio are moving to get aid directly to immigrant families. Jumping in now is just the beginning.

    In solidarity,

    Chris Kutalik-Cauthern
    Our Revolution Texas, Statewide Coordinator


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