Minnesota bridge collapse in the USA

This 2 August 2007 video from the USA is called (LONG VERSION) Minneapolis Bridge Collapse Minnesota Video.

Defects reported in over 65,000 US bridges: here.

Bridge safety technology: here.

By Barry Grey:

The Minnesota bridge collapse: One more indictment of the profit system

The collapse of the most highly traveled highway bridge in the state of Minnesota has once again revealed some ugly truths about American society. Occurring during the run-up to the second anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe, the bridge disaster has once more left people in the United States and around the world wondering in shock and horror how it is possible that the richest nation in the world enters the twenty-first century with a social infrastructure that is thoroughly decayed.

As of this writing, five people have been confirmed dead from Wednesday’s collapse of the Interstate 35W highway bridge that traverses the Mississippi River near the center of Minneapolis, a major American metropolis. An unknown number of other victims remain trapped in vehicles that plummeted 60 feet into the swirling currents of the Mississippi, and at least 70 were injured.

Like Katrina, there were ample warnings. Numerous surveys concluded that the bridge was “structurally deficient.”

Fox’s Bill Kristol takes ‘benign view’ of bridge collapse: here.

Barbara Ehrenreich on bridge collapse: here.

Death toll rises to six in Miami bridge collapse as new information emerges about contractors: here.

Ohio floods: here.

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