Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal scandal

Nick Davies on Democracy Now!: Murdoch Empire “Pummelled” By Phone Hacking Scandal. from Democracy Now! on Vimeo.

The scandal surrounding Rupert Murdoch’s media empire grew murkier today after the Wall Street Journal said its top European executive Andrew Langhoff had resigned for attempting to influence editorial content to favour a partner in a cut-price circulation scam: here.

I see that the Murdoch empire is facing another scandal — this time involving misleading advertisers rather than readers, by inflating circulation numbers: here.

Maybe it is time to have not just the Occupied Wall Street Journal as voice for the Occupy Wall Street movement; but also to really occupy the “real” Wall Street Journal (aka the War Street Journal) and to expropiate it from the criminal Murdoch empire.

WSJ Employees Say Senior Editor Tried To Pull Story For Political Reasons. “This is censorship and it is beneath the standards of the Wall Street Journal”, they wrote in a letter: here.

News Corp. lobbied for trade deal that benefited a favorite international tax haven: here.

In Rift Between Murdochs, Heir Becomes Less Apparent: here.

The recent phone hacking scandal has exposed the grubby links between mass media, politicians and the police. For many people the scandal confirmed a view of the mainstream media as little more than a tool of the rich and powerful: here.

Britain: A former senior police officer has condemned the police for becoming “too close” to certain sections of the press in the wake of the phone hacking scandal.

News International executive chairman James Murdoch is to give evidence for a second time to a parliamentary investigation into phone hacking on November 10, MPs said today: here.

Newly released emails suggest the younger Murdoch was in the loop about a phone-hacking epidemic at News of the World, which will make it harder for him to claim ignorance when he faces Parliament this week: here.

Occupy Wall Street: ‘A new generation is fighting back’: here.

Don’t let Bloomberg shut down Occupy Wall Street: here.

45 thoughts on “Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal scandal

  1. From Bahrain to Brooks

    Rebekah Brooks, the ousted chief executive of News International, is getting help from one of Margaret Thatcher’s most trusted allies—Bell Pottinger.

    Bell Pottinger is Lord Bell’s public relations firm. It chucked £11,900 to the Tories last year.

    It tried to prevent media revelations about oil firm Trafigura’s involvement in toxic waste dumping in Africa.

    It also does the PR for the government in Bahrain.


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