10 thoughts on “New York, still Hurricane Sandy trouble

  1. “The people of our states can no longer afford to wait while politicians in Washington play games.” – joint statement by NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo and NJ Gov. Chris Christie

    After weeks of delay, the House has finally agreed to vote on January 15 on a $51 billion aid package that would help communities rebuild…including the New York Aquarium and the Coney Island region. Then, we’ll need swift action in the Senate immediately following the House vote to ensure that these communities get the help they need.

    Americans are doing everything they can to get these communities back on their feet. And here at the New York Aquarium, staff and volunteers are working around the clock to make sure we open our doors as quickly as possible.

    Tell the House and Senate to do their part and pass the Sandy aid bill.

    The national price tag is incredible – just the price of rebuilding the Aquarium alone is staggering – and it’s long past time for Congress to fulfill its responsibility to those who have already suffered so much.

    Thanks to the unrelenting pressure of lawmakers from New York and New Jersey, congressional leaders have committed to finally holding a vote. But now we need to make sure they stick to their promise and pass this vital emergency relief. The burden is on you and me to move the dial toward recovery.

    Send a letter to your senators and representative – tell them to work quickly to pass the Sandy relief package for the New York Aquarium and others who so desperately need it!

    Thank you for helping the people and businesses devastated by Sandy, including the New York Aquarium, secure the aid needed for a full recovery.


    John F. Calvelli
    Executive Vice President, Public Affairs
    Wildlife Conservation Society


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