Harvey flooding in Texas, USA

This 31 August 2017 video from the USA says about itself:

Harvey: Texas Chemical Plant Explodes Amid Flooding

Nearly one week after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in southeastern Texas, the historic scope of the damage and destruction caused by the storm is coming into sharper focus. Rescue efforts continued Wednesday in Houston and other areas as the storm continued to inundate the Gulf Coast with heavy rains and flooding: here.

A broad mood of social panic has swept through Houston’s undocumented immigrant population, forcing many to risk death in their flooded homes rather than escape to government-run evacuation centers. It is estimated that there were some 600,000 undocumented immigrants living in the city before Hurricane Harvey dumped historic amounts of rain on the city this week. Rumors of ICE arrests at stores, aid centers, and food banks have spread through word of mouth and on social media: here.

The official preparation for and response to Hurricane Harvey have been characterized by a stunning level of incompetence and indifference, from the lack of a coordinated evacuation and emergency housing plan, to the completely ad-hoc character of rescue operations. As Houston and other parts of Texas drown and the death toll mounts, various government officials, from the White House on down, have spent much of the past several days patting themselves on the back. “You have been terrific,” Trump told the governor, the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other officials in Texas on Tuesday, hoping that no one would notice what was happening around him: here.

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