Hurricane Harvey disaster in Houston, Texas

This video from the USA says about itself:

Sandy-Level Hurricanes May Occur Every Five Years Due to Climate Change

26 August 2017

Leading climatologist Benjamin Horton talks about recent reports from NASA and NOAA showing increasingly higher global temperatures, and explains why the dangerous human-caused trend could spell disaster.

08/27/2017 01:41 pm ET Updated 20 minutes ago. Dramatic Photos Show Texas Under Water, With Flooding Expected To Worsen. The muddy floodwaters have taken out highways, buildings and numerous cars: here.

By Eline Gordts and Nick Robins-Early in the USA:

08/27/2017 09:30 am ET Updated 24 minutes ago

Houston Faces Catastrophic Flooding And Rain As Tropical Storm Harvey Lingers

Five people have reportedly died in the Houston area, according to the National Weather Service.

  • Hurricane Harvey leaves a path of devastation through Texas, destroying buildings and causing widespread power outages. Rising waters now threaten thousands of homes.
  • Houston is under a flood warning after a “deluge” of intense rain hit the city overnight Saturday. The city’s emergency services are at capacity, and the William P. Hobby airport has canceled all inbound and outbound flights.
  • The exact death toll is unclear, although the National Weather Service reports five people have died in the Houston area.
  • Catastrophic flooding and heavy rainfall is expected for days to come.
  • The Houston area may get 50 inches of rainfall in some areas through Friday, according to the National Weather Service.
  • Authorities urge citizens to stay off the streets and to climb to rooftops if they are trapped.

Two days after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in southern Texas, the city of Houston faced life-threatening, catastrophic flooding that authorities warned could last for days and become “historic.

The National Weather Service reported on Sunday morning that while winds were decreasing and Harvey had been downgraded to a tropical storm, heavy rainfall created life-threatening hazard across much of the state’s southeast region.

Harvey live updates: here.

I wish relief and recovery for all injured people; I wish relief and strength for all survivors of this horrible natural disaster.

Natural disaster? Not exclusively. A political disaster as well. If politicians like George W. Bush and Donald Trump would, instead of spending billions of United States taxpayers’ money, and intending to spend still much more, on building walls along the Mexican border, would have spent and would spend that money on seawalls protecting United States coastal cities like Houston and Donald Trump’s native New York City from hurricanes like Harvey now, then that would have saved and would still save many human, and animal, lives.

This March 2016 report is about protecting the Texas coastal region with a ‘coastal spine’. However, now 17 months later, nothing has happened yet, as politicians kept quarreling instead of acting.

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