Harvey flood disaster in Texas, USA update

Flooding in Houston, USA. Photo Credit: Air National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Daniel J. Martinez

As some residents begin to return to their homes and rescuers search the still flooded buildings in and around Houston, Texas, the massive extent of the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey is only now being fully revealed. The consequences of what by some measures is the greatest natural disaster in American history will be far-reaching, not only for the millions of people directly affected, but for social and political stability in the United States: here.

Analysis: Nearly 1 Million Pounds of Seven Deadly Air Pollutants Released by Texas Refineries During Harvey Floods: here.

Oil industry facilities spewed thousands of tons of toxic chemicals into defenseless communities, despite ample warning about hurricane risk to this area: here.

Fetid floodwaters in the “chemical coast” carry toxins and disease. The incalculable human health consequences of Hurricane Harvey: here.

[Donald Trump administration Scott] Pruitt Delayed Emergency Rules for Chemical Plants Weeks Before Toxic Fires Erupted in Houston: here.

A Hurricane Harvey diary, Part one. By Charles Abelard. 2 September 2017. I began these notes in the evening of Tuesday, August 29, 2017, after the hurricane moved off to the east and Houston skies began to clear. The observations here are personal in nature, and reflect my own thoughts as the events unfolded, and as earlier parts of the story were better filled in with new information: here.

Disaster Coverage Still Has Blind Spot for Low-Income Victims: here.

Media Largely ‘Blind’ to Harvey’s Devastating Impact on Poor Communities: here.

Harvey Won’t Be The Last Thousand-Year Storm, by Krista Sperber, Rae Breaux: here.

Antifa and Leftists Organize Mutual Aid and Rescue Networks in Houston: here.

Portland experiences both extreme heat in the summer months and frequent nuisance flooding in the winter and spring, and that’s only expected to worsen with climate change. A new Portland State University study found the potential for flooding and extreme heat is most acute in East Portland’s low-income neighborhoods that have fewer green spaces and larger concentrations of less-educated residents: here.

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