USA: Ken Lay, Enron fraudster, dies

Bush, Cheney, Lay, and Enron scandal, cartoon

Associated Press reports:

HOUSTON – Enron Corp. founder Kenneth Lay, who was convicted of helping perpetuate one of the most sprawling business frauds in U.S. history, died Wednesday of a heart attack in Colorado.

He was 64.

From People for the American Way:

Kenneth Lay, CEO of Enron, was until recently on the board of trustees of American Enterprise Institute.

Other famous former trustees include Vice President Dick Cheney.

Update: here.

Tony Blair and Enron scandal: here.

Update: after the Skilling conviction: here.

Enron and finance firms: here.

Post Enron anti fraud rules rescinded: here.

Bush and Enron, cartoon


12 thoughts on “USA: Ken Lay, Enron fraudster, dies

  1. Posted by: “frankofbos”

    Thu Jan 15, 2009 11:53 pm (PST)

    Bush History:Bush Admin Working Hard,Going All Out to Promote the
    Interests of Enron-1/16

    A letter draws attention to the fact that the Bush admin. has been
    working hard, going all out, pulling all the stops to promote the
    interests of the likes of Enron (2002). This was, of course, prior to
    all the criminal charges against the now defunct company, but
    after ‘Kenny Boy’ and other Enron interests had oh-so-generously lined
    the Bush campaign’s pockets. Also, a bloody day in Iraq (2007).

    More details, from the 2009 Bush Blunder Calendar …

    Today’s category: Bushisms, Iraq, The Corporation’s Yes Man


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