Minister: MP Ayaan Hirsi ‘Ali’ ‘legally was never Dutch’. Conflict in party. AEI

Dutch banner against Minister Verdonk's anti refugees policies: 'send her back to prison', where she used to be director

Yesterday, hardline Rightist Dutch immigration minister, Ms Rita Verdonk, decided that MP Ayaan Hirsi ‘Ali’ (not her real name) legally had never been a Dutch national, as she had lied on her name, birth date, etc.

This decision divided the VVD political party of both Verdonk and ‘Ali’.

VVD MP De Vries accused Minister Verdonk of having ‘blood on her hands’.

Ms Verdonk had been accused of this earlier, when eleven imprisoned refugees died by fire in Schiphol refugee prison.

Then, Ms Verdonk, though in other contexts claiming to be pro free speech, had sent police to stop banners suggesting she had blood on her hands.

She then had support of VVD MP’s, including De Vries and ‘Ali’.

Ms ‘Ali’ today at a press conference resigned as an MP.

She said punishing refugees with loss of nationality for lying was too hard a punishment in all cases, not just hers.

However, as I said, in other, earlier, cases ‘Ali’ supported Ms Verdonk’s hardline policies.

She wanted Ms Verdonk to be party leader, saying “I am crazy about Rita!’

Pollsters say the popularity of the VVD party is down.

More about ‘Ali”s new employer, the American Enterprise Institute:

● Most of AEI’s Board of Directors are CEOs of major companies, including ExxonMobil, Motorola, American Express, State Farm Insurance, and Dow Chemicals.

● Big donors include the top conservative foundations, including Smith-Richardson Foundation, the Olin Foundation, the Scaife Foundation, Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation.

● Corporate supporters have included: General Electric Foundation, Amoco, Kraft Foundation, Ford Motor Company Fund, General Motors Foundation, Eastman Kodak Foundation, Metropolitan Life Foundation, Proctor & Gamble Fund, Shell Companies Foundation, Chrysler Corporation, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, General Mills Foundation, Pillsbury Company Foundation, Prudential Foundation, American Express Foundation, AT&T Foundation, Corning Glass Works Foundation, Morgan Guarantee Trust, Smith-Richardson Foundation, Alcoa Foundation, and PPG Industries.

● Kenneth Lay, CEO of Enron, was until recently on the board of trustees of American Enterprise Institute. Other famous former trustees include Vice President Dick Cheney.”[1]

Krysten Crawford, CNN/Money staff writer NEW YORK (CNN/Money):

“Lay surren­ders to authorities – Ex-Enron CEO turns himself in after indictment, pleads not guilty in massive accounting fraud. Ex-Enron Chairman and CEO Kenneth Lay surrendered to authorities Thursday after being indicted in what experts called the centerpiece of the government’s crackdown on the scandals that have rocked corporate America. In the 11-count indictment, Lay was accused of lying to the public, investors and Enron employees in charges that include securities and wire fraud and making false statements.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges and was released on $500,000 bail.[2]

[1] People For the American Way – American Enterprise Institute

[2] Enron’s Lay surrenders to FBI after indictment – Jul. 12, 2004

David Horowitz, Feminist? The oppression of Muslim women is a major theme among the Islamofascistly aware. If only they felt the same about other women on earth. By Katha Pollitt.

16 thoughts on “Minister: MP Ayaan Hirsi ‘Ali’ ‘legally was never Dutch’. Conflict in party. AEI

    The US and the Netherlands: Allies for Life?
    by Frans van Rumpt
    The Hague Invasion Act is simple: if the International Criminal Court ever holds an American prisoner in The Hague, the US has the ‘legal’ option to attack the Netherlands and invade The Hague, in order to free this prisoner.Last month I saw a member of the Dutch conservative VVD party on television speaking on US-Dutch relations. Traditionally this party has always been very pro-American. They were supportive of US foreign policy and took a friendly attitude towards the US. But something was wrong with the VVD politician I saw on television. He wasn’t using the normal rhetoric about how the Americans and the Dutch are close buddies, allies for life, always there for each other and always ready to help each other. In fact he was critical, very critical, of US foreign policy. How was this possible? What made this change happen?


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