Britain: Tony Blair’s anti worker crusade

Blair and liberties; cartoon

From London daily News Line:

Saturday, 2 September 2006


‘WE can clamp down on anti-social children before birth’, said Prime Minister Blair on Thursday.

That anti-social behaviour is in the genes, is the only conclusion that can be drawn from Prime Minister Blair’s latest reactionary remarks concerning ‘trouble makers,’ whom he says can be identified while they are still in the womb.

This is with the qualification that the problem genes belong to the working classes, especially those sections of the working class that live on the country’s council estates.

Blair is not talking about the offspring of ruling class bankers and businessmen who have done an ‘Enron,’ or the offspring of families of ruling class cocaine sniffers and alcoholics.

He is not talking about ringing the alarm bells as soon as a female in one of these problem families becomes pregnant, putting society in danger of being overwhelmed by thieves and drug takers.

He is talking about the unborn sons and daughters of working class families from the council estates, who produce the wealth that the ruling class enjoys but have very little to show for it, except a host of intractable problems.

Blair’s world is made up of a good society whose tranquility is endangered by bad individuals from bad working class families who resist and refuse to accept the moral values of this decent society.

This is absolute reactionary nonsense which, for example, damns the vast majority of Australians as criminals, since they are the descendants of convicted criminals and criminal families.

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