3 thoughts on “United States corporations dodge taxes

  1. This weekend I traveled to Lordstown, Ohio to help laid-off GM workers and community activists organize a new local Our Revolution group to fight back against corporate greed.

    As the new Executive Director of Our Revolution, I’m proud to stand with working class voters who are calling out Trump for betraying his promise to keep good jobs in the USA.

    Lordstown, Ohio is just one example of communities all across America that are losing good-paying union jobs when corporations decide to ship jobs overseas. Chip in $5 to help us build powerful local groups who will take on greedy corporations and hold politicians accountable.

    There’s no better example of corporate greed than what happened in Lordstown. Despite receiving over $1 BILLION in lucrative federal contracts and tax breaks from the Trump administration, General Motors shuttered its factory and put 5,000 workers on the streets.

    Our Revolution is already organizing the Lordstown community to fight back, but we need your help to start more grassroots groups all across the Midwest to win back the working class. Will you DONATE to help us build the political revolution and fight to keep good jobs in the USA?

    Together, we can build a movement to defeat corporate greed and hold politicians accountable to working families.

    In Solidarity,

    Joseph Geevarghese
    Executive Director
    Our Revolution


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