31 thoughts on “Britain, democracy or BP oiligarchy?

  1. Its a fundamental realization of the public is they are now rendered powerless, no government represents the general public’s concerns, the rules and regulations pile up daily for the individual’s loss of freedom and the destruction of the morale and morality this is enforced by a militaristic police force, corporations and the big money and any unions left are infiltrated by the corrupt, the finance industry is another corrupt organization who plays the the main role in government policy and the government is their to make money for themselves as individuals and placate and sooth the voting public, to increase taxes, to increase corporation riches, as can be seen by the sale if art works such as the sale of $179 million dollars for a painting and nearly $7 billion dollars fine for the four banks manipulating currency, the fact that you have taxation on government scams such as the bedroom tax and the government increasingly involved with surveillance of the individual here I am meaning the so called unrepresented man and government’s can endorse cruelty such as cattle being killed in abattoirs with sledge hammers, we are faced with a vindictive and evil establishment that we should make as a individual choice to get rid of, as otherwise we contribute to this hell upon earth


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