Stop BP polluters’ British Museum artwashing

This video from Britain says about itself:

Profit, Pollution and Deception. BP and the Oil Spill, BBC Documentary

1 November 2013

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill (also referred to as the BP oil spill, the BP oil disaster, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and the Macondo blowout) began on 20 April 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico on the BP-operated Macondo Prospect. It claimed eleven lives and is considered the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry, an estimated 8% to 31% larger in volume than the previously largest, the Ixtoc I oil spill.

Following the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, a sea-floor oil gusher flowed for 87 days, until it was capped on 15 July 2010. The total discharge has been estimated at 4.9 million barrels (210 million US gal; 780,000 m3).

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Activists hit British Museum with BP Sunken Cities protest

Friday 20th May 2016

ENVIRONMENTAL activists scaled the British Museum in central London yesterday to protest against the sponsorship of the new Sunken Cities exhibition by oil giant BP.

The museum was “temporarily closed for visitor safety reasons” as dozens of Greenpeace activists swarmed up the building.

They unfurled banners bearing the names of cities and regions hit by flooding, storms and rising seas — environmental disasters which are set to increase with climate change.

Activists claimed it was a “stunning irony” that the exhibition is sponsored by a company which produces fossil fuels that contribute to climate change when it is displaying artefacts from ancient cities submerged in the Mediterranean.

The banners were emblazoned with the names of New Orleans, Manila and the Maldives as well as British towns hit by flooding in the past such as Boscastle and Hebden Bridge.

Protesters replaced images of the ancient sunken cities with pictures of recent floods in Yorkshire.

Greenpeace is calling on the British Museum to end its partnership with BP, claiming it allows the oil company to clean up its image.

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