BP polluters’ Egypt exhibition artwashing

This video says about itself:

Artwash: BP using Arts sponsorship to clean up image after Deepwater Horizon disaster?

20 April 2015

Author of Artwash: Big oil and the Arts, Mel Evans, talks to Afshin about how oil companies are looking to sponsor galleries and the Arts to ‘cover up their dirty image’ and the compromising situation that puts galleries in when it comes to making decisions.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Art activists hijack museum’s tainted show

Wednesday 18th May 2016

ART activists gatecrashed yesterday’s launch of the British Museum’s new BP-sponsored exhibition Sunken Cities – Egypt’s Lost Worlds, creating a large-scale art work symbolising how the oil giant’s operations in Egypt are “surrounded by human rights violations.”

Controversy over BP’s arts sponsorship has been escalating since Art Not Oil published a damning new report exposing BP’s “corrupting influence” over the museums it sponsors.

Jess Worth, a member of campaign group BP or not BP? said: “The British Museum says this new exhibition will ‘tell stories of political power and popular belief, myth and migration’ — and it does. BP’s sponsorship is a story of gaining favour with repressive regimes, extracting fossil fuels and driving the rising sea levels that will cause people to flee sinking cities in the future.

“That story is already unfolding in Egypt. Meanwhile, the British Museum peddles the myth that BP is generous and ethical when it displays the company’s logos.”

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