‘BP oil, unfit art sponsor’

This video from the USA says about itself:

Gulf Coast Oil Spill Puts Birds at Risk

30 April 2010

The next victims of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico could be the birds that depend on the region’s fertile shorelines, bayous and marshes. American Bird Conservancy‘s Michael Fry talks to Jorge Ribas about the situation.

By Zoe Streatfield in Britain:

Scotland: Activists target art show in Edinburgh

Monday 29th February 2016

ENVIRONMENTAL activists staged a performance protest on Saturday against BP’s sponsorship of a show at Scotland’s National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.

The BP or not BP? group, comprised of artists and activists, drew attention to the oil giant’s “dire environmental and human-rights record” by displaying paintings depicting communities damaged by BP’s oil exploration.

Protesters also displayed banners and sang songs, before ejecting mock “BP executives” from the building in protest at the firm’s sponsorship of the Portrait Awards.

Performer Claire Robertson said it was “outrageous” that BP is allowed to “clean up its reputation through association with the prestigious Portrait Awards, despite its well-documented role colluding with human-rights-abusing regimes in Azerbaijan and Colombia, funding destructive tar sands extraction and causing environmental devastation with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.”

Artist Raoul Martinez, whose portraits have been featured in the exhibition previously, supported the performance, saying: “I have decided not to submit work to the National Portrait Gallery until they cut their ties with fossil fuel companies, and I hope other artists will join me.”

He said the fossil fuel industry was based on “violence towards nature, violence towards the many communities already being displaced by the effects of climate change” and called on “all institutions to get on the right side of history and cut their ties with these destructive companies.”

Galleries and museums such as the Tate and the British Museum are currently negotiating renewal of their sponsorship deals with BP.

13 thoughts on “‘BP oil, unfit art sponsor’

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  3. Wednesday 20th April 2016

    posted by Will Stone in Britain

    DISGRUNTLED actors have invaded a posh performance by Russia’s Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra against the concert’s sponsorship by oil transnational BP.

    Three activists from environmental campaign group BP or Not BP? stormed the stage and balcony at Cadogan Hall in London on Monday night to laughs and applause.

    The trio performed their own four-minute same-sex version of Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet.

    Renaming the play Ramira and Juliet, their version told the story of “star-cross’d” homosexual lovers who fall out after Ramira accepts sponsorship from BP.

    But all’s well that ends well as the lovers set aside their differences, dropping the oily sponsor, and marry — which would be illegal in Russia under its draconian anti-gay laws.

    A lone heckler was shushed by the audience and boos could be heard whenever BP’s name was mentioned.

    Attendees included VIPs from BP and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and Russian embassy staff, who gathered at a BP-hosted reception beforehand.

    “LGBT activists have a rich history of creative protest around civil rights, labour rights and climate change,” said performer Sarah Ginsberg.

    “We took to the stage tonight to confront BP staff and the British and Russian governments with urgent questions about the ethics of continued fossil fuel extraction, the need to end oil sponsorship and the ongoing struggle for LGBT rights.”

    BP holds a 20 per cent stake in Russian state oil company Rosneft.

    Dudley Cooper, who delivered the performance’s prologue and epilogue, added “it’s high time BP left the stage.”



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