BP oil polluters, bad British Museum sponsors

This video from London, England says about itself:

Fake “BP staff” greet journalists at British Museum press launch

4 September 2017

BP staff were being surprisingly honest about why the company is sponsoring the British Museum’s new Scythians exhibition at its press launch this week. Or maybe they weren’t really from BP at all…?

Full story here.

Read how the Times reported – and then censored – the performance here.

By Steve Sweeney in Britain:

Preacher Billy turns fires of hell against ‘devil’ BP at museum

Monday 30th October 2017

GREEN campaigners launched a protest at the weekend at the British Museum against “diabolical” BP’s sponsorship of an exhibition.

More than 50 people dressed in black with their hands painted gold staged their protest, accusing the museum of covering up BP’s role in environmental disasters across the world.

US activist “the Reverend” Billy Talen joined anti-capitalist group Stop Shopping Choir as well as members of the “actor-vist” theatre collective BP or Not BP. The protesters accused BP of hypocrisy by supporting the museum’s showpiece exhibition Scythians: Warriors of Ancient Siberia when the firm endangers the very culture and archaeology it claims to support by contributing to global warming.

They claimed global warming was causing the melting of the Siberian perma­frost, and that archaeologists have warned of “a race against time” to save the preserved Scythian culture before permanent damage is done. “The Reverend” performed a sermon in the museum while performers wrapped in black bin bags mimicked sculptures and statues with their bodies.

He asked: “What do you call this?

The fossil fuel companies and their speculators destroy our access to history while sponsoring its prestigious exhibition, and while directly endangering our future.

“It’s beyond ironical: It’s diabolical. BP is the devil.”

The performers then used the black bags to represent a sea of black oil flowing out of the museum entrance as the choir sang in protest.

BP or Not BP theatre troupe activist Olivia Anthony said the performance protest was staged to expose the impact of BP’s actions around the world from its contribution to global warming melting the Siberian permafrost to oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico.

“These toxic injustices should not be ignored but in accepting a sponsorship deal with BP, the British Museum has done exactly that and is helping to cover them up,” she said.

Saturday’s protest was the latest action in an ongoing campaign against oil firms sponsoring the arts.

The British Museum had not responded to the Star’s request for comment at time of going to press.

11 thoughts on “BP oil polluters, bad British Museum sponsors

  1. Monday 11th December 2017

    ACTIVISTS have covered the white marble floor of the British Museum with huge “cracks” to symbolise damage to the permafrost caused by the museum’s sponsors BP.

    Over 100 theatrical protesters stormed the London museum to sing rewritten oil-themed Christmas carols contributed by supporters — including playwright Caryl Churchill.

    The group BP or Not BP staged the art demonstration to challenge the international oil firm’s sponsorship of the museum’s current blockbuster exhibition Scythians: warriors of ancient Siberia.

    The exhibition includes items from Russian permafrost, which risks being thawed by the burning of fossil fuels — including oil produced by BP — causing the release of huge amounts of frozen carbon dioxide.

    This was the group’s 30th unsanctioned performance in the museum since its formation in 2012 and they vowed to keep coming back until the climate-destroying corporation is dropped as a sponsor.

    The ice-themed flashmob — dubbed the “freezemob” — lay artistic “cracks” made of black paper on the white marble floor to bring the threatened permafrost into the oil-sponsored museum.

    Around 50 protesters, all wearing white, blue and silver, were led by a team of “ice leaders” in a musical performance that involved “freezing and thawing” their way around the museum.

    They sung: “Frozen for eons, how long will we last? Don’t burn the future, by melting the past, freeze out the logos, BP’s time has passed. Don’t burn the future. By melting the past.”

    Helen Glynn from BP or not BP? said: “Our paper cracks can be easily removed from the museum floor, but BP’s impact on the permafrost — and the global climate — is much more permanent.

    “Putting a BP logo on archaeology that’s being destroyed by melting permafrost is like a fox sponsoring an exhibition about the mysterious disappearance of the local chickens.

    “BP must be delighted that the museum is willing to collude in climate change denial to such a shocking degree. It’s time for the British Museum to stop being a pawn in BP’s global power games.”



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