15 thoughts on “USA: Los Angeles art museum under BP oil control?

  1. Having lost millions in state and federal funding, my employer has been desperately searching for someone who would be interested in appending their corporation’s name to the Golden Gate Bridge. In return, the corporate sponsor would receive some free advertising space on signs near the bridge. So far they’ve been refusing offers to change the name of the bridge to something like The Haliburton/Bechtel Golden Gate Bridge. Bridge employees are fiercely proud of the bridge and our association with it’s history. On the other hand, the SF anchorage of the bridge is now in the corporate run, for-profit, Presidio “National Park”.


  2. Thanks for reacting Jon. While corporate propaganda in museums may distract from art, and may whitewash corporations with questionable records, corporate advertisements near roads have the additional drawback of disatracting motorists which may endanger human lives.


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